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  • saintdeb2 By  saintdeb2    

    Schick Hydro Silk Razor

    It does the job and makes my legs nice and smooth.

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  • BrandyMachell By  BrandyMachell    

    Love this

    This razor is absolutely amazing to use. I didn't have any Knicks or cuts after using it.

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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    I would buy this in bulk

    I absolutely adore this product best razor hands down gives a nice smooth shave I was pleasant surprised that it worked as good as a men's razor

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  • Herfun1986 By  Herfun1986    

    Razor products

    I've used this product repeatedly lasts longer than most razors is a good quality as a sharper men's blade would buy it again fantastic product durable

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  • Natalie_zimmerman By  Natalie_zimmerman    

    I love this razor it?s amazing I would recommend to anyone

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  • honesty94 By  honesty94    

    Wasnt the most "smoothest" glide

    I have a few nicks and cuts but it got the job done! My skin is dry so i'm guessing that could have been the problem..just keep in mind, no two bodies are alike!

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  • irinam85 By  irinam85    

    Loved how smooth my legs are and shaves so smoothly around my knees where I have the hardest time shaving. The razor was very comfortable to handle and hold. My legs were very smooth afterwards. Bottom line, for disposable razors, these are awesome! The price is good and the razor works great. I will continue using this until I find something better and cheaper :)

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  • wovenbirds By  wovenbirds    

    This is a great razor. It is great if you have sensitive skin. It gives you a close shave for soft and silky legs!

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  • Aaliyahduclos21 By  Aaliyahduclos21    

    I love thee razors ! So smooth to use and also leaves the skin smooth!

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  • Honora529 By  Honora529    

    I've been using this razor for several years now. I love it. I get such a smooth shave with no nicks or bumps and I generally feel human again, not like the Sasquatch I usually do after a bad shave...

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  • julia123 By  julia123    

    Good razor but doesn't last very long. The blades get gooey from the built in moisturizer.

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  • maowens By  maowens    

    Great razors! Cuts the hair close to the leg and left my legs feeling so soft and smooth!

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  • stephkay By  stephkay    

    Purchased this product while out of town on a getaway to a water park. I used it as well as two of my daughters with no complaints. This product will not let you down. It glides with a smooth finish and we will be purchasing this item on our next shopping trip.

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  • pgnursingirl2011 By  pgnursingirl2011    

    This is a very decent razor, it is not the worst in the world, but there are definitely products i like a lot better.

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  • Maddym324 By  Maddym324    

    This razor is amazing when it's brand new. It glides on well and avoids cuts and nicks. It shaves without causing bumps and irritation. However, when the soapy stuff on the outside disappears, it starts to pull and hurt. Plus the blade rusts easily. Overall good razor

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