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  • crisinger By  crisinger    

    I love the smell of mine but it leaves my hands feeling almost sticky. Not the clean Purell feeling or alcohol smell.

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  • Marciless By  Marciless    

    smells nice, leaves u feeling dry but hydrated. really good

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  • hollabaloo By  hollabaloo    

    Smells great, doesn't dry out my skin and I love the fragrance! I use it at work and keep it on my office desk.

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  • 20desarae10 By  20desarae10    

    I love the smells but they leave my hands sticky and feeling dirtier than before.

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  • luvkaibo By  luvkaibo    

    Scentsy is a bit too strong for my liking, much more prefer the Warmers and Bars to smell up my home!

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  • snols82 By  snols82    

    The scent is too overwhelming for me. My hand sanitizer does not need to be as strong as my perfume!

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  • safyre24k By  safyre24k    

    I am in the medical field and I am constantly washing my hands or using antibacterial gel before and after patient contact. Problem is, these type of products can dry your hands out to where you are always applying lotion also. I bought the Scentsy Fragrance Foam in Enchanted Mist and it is absolutely fabulous and it makes your hands fell soft after application with a pleasant fragrance. It uses a different type of antibacterial (not alcohol) and the active ingredient is rated to kill more bacteria and be more effective than using alcohol based sanitizers when washing with soap and water isn't an option. The Scentsy Fragrance foam comes in a variety of scents and is easy to carry with you! Highly Recommended especially for moms and medical personnel!!

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  • Ricca81 By  Ricca81    

    Before becoming a scentsy consultant I was using this product as a customer. I love that it doesn't dry out the skin and you can get it in a variety of different scents

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  • redraider14 By  redraider14    

    A wonderful product that provides antibacterial protection without drying out skin and as a wonderful plus, it smells GREAT!! It comes in many different fragrances that smell as good as Scentsy candles.

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