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  • caitlynfrisch By  caitlynfrisch    


    I liked the idea behind this product. We bought it for my 21 month old as a teether. We put a frozen strawberry in it and it made a horrible mess. Sure, we expected a little bit of a mess from the mesh bag, but not that big of one within a few minutes. I expected it to contain solid foods better. It was also pretty hard to wash and stained the mesh bag immediately. My daughter did enjoy the other side of it, with the ridges to chew on.

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  • EmmaMarie116 By  EmmaMarie116    

    When introducing new foods to my daughter this came in handy. No worries for choking, and she got experience new flavors. Downside was the clean up, the mesh was just really had to get as clean as I would like it to be. It felt like forever trying to get little pieces of strawberries out. Great product in theory, not so much in practical use.

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  • AnaleyahsMommy0711 By  AnaleyahsMommy0711    

    Not terrible but..

    I overall really like the concept of what its purpose is used for & my daughter loves using this but its just kind of hard to clean sometimes which is my main dislike .

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  • Pompbella By  Pompbella    

    Fresh fruit..controlled

    Every one of my kids LOVED these. Id add cuts of fresh fruit to it for all of them. Less mess and no choking hassards. After 3 kids using these... I began using these as a teether for my daughter.. Id add ice cubes to them and shed loveeee them outdoors in the summer. Shed cool down and itd also relieve her teething pains with the cold cubes. I have a 4 month old and ive already bought one for her for when shes ready! HIGHLY RECCOMEND!

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  • DandVsFamily By  DandVsFamily    

    Helpful, but hard to clean.

    Not my favorite teething products! It is good for when you are introducing finger foods. You can put items in there like steamed carrots or string beans so the kids can suck on them and get the flavor but not have to worry about the pulp. The only negative about this product, is the mesh is super hard to clean! I much prefer silicone teethers that you can wash very easily and even throw in the dishwasher.

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  • Wildatheart By  Wildatheart    


    Left a really bad rash on my daughter after just one use.

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  • dragonflyroses72 By  dragonflyroses72    


    My daughter was not very found of this item, and I honestly was not either .I felt it was more of a hassle to deal with then anything.

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  • KatfromCA By  KatfromCA    

    Hard to clean

    My kids had one similar to this a few years ago. They are a pain to clean. There was banana and things still stuck in it even after it went through the dishwasher. These are good for getting babies use to eating solid foods, though.

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  • Dcab42 By  Dcab42    

    Bacteria breeding ground

    Great idea but bad execution, it is hard to clean the mesh and around it. I used it once and then decided I didn't want to give it another try because I felt that it still had food trapped in the mesh part.

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  • redjay13 By  redjay13    

    no good

    So its a great idea and good way for little one to be able to suck on a good that normally maybe she couldn't eat...However omg how terrible to clean its never clean the mesh holds on to the smallest bits of food that unless you have a tiny brush and clean inside every single hole its never safe to give your child again without old food in it...YUCK

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  • reba2017 By  reba2017    

    My son loves this to bite on while he is teething!

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  • sstory By  sstory    

    We tried using this while our daughter was teething but found it was just too messy in the end and difficult to clean. It also seemed to get stuck when we put the cap on, making it difficult to open back up. The idea of this is great, but the overall ease of clean up left me more frustrated than anything else.

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  • Kryska33 By  Kryska33    

    Horrible for parents

    I absolutely hate this product. Its a good idea but the cleaning process is horrible. My child liked the way you can taste the flavor but just too much for me personally.

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  • xocandie07 By  xocandie07    

    Fun for Kids

    I truly enjoyed this product to help with my children when they were little. It helped with trying new foods, but at a young age. The only down side was they can be a little tricky to clean. Be sure food doesnt stick around or you'll get mold.

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  • Smile9jenna By  Smile9jenna    

    When my half sister started to teeth this was what we got her. It kept her distracted for a while and she started to eat slices pieces of strawberries, oranges, apples.. she loved it! It's very messy and it is hard to open- until you get used to it. We hand washed it and left it inside out to dry and it last us about 6 months maybe.. near the end it got bent badly after it somehow ended up in the dishwasher..

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