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  • sawells17 By  sawells17    

    I love Sassy Sacks! They are great for when baby has a dirty diaper on the go! They have a nice baby powder scent that helps mask and trap the odor of the dirty diaper!

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  • PburgmomsalesMM By  PburgmomsalesMM    

    I love these!! They are great for on the go and visiting relatives!!

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  • sara321 By  sara321    

    Must have for the diaper bag. I still carry them with me while my 2 year-old is potty training just in case we have dirty clothes.

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  • gorda361 By  gorda361    

    love this product used before but havent had a chance to buy again

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  • Desertrose81 By  Desertrose81    

    One of my favorite diaperbag musts. I like these bags for the convience and small size. Its nice to have on hand for the those unexpected diaper changes on the road. The bag has a pleasant scent and keeps smelling that way after you put something not so pleasant smelling in it. This is a great product no matter where you are. I have also used these as a pet pickup bag as well when I didnt have anythng else to use and they hold up very well. Another use is for smelly wet clothing that maybe your child had an accident in, you just throw the clothes in and take them out and wash them when you get home so no smelly odors in the car ride home .

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  • motheroftwoboys By  motheroftwoboys    

    Love these!!!! When my 8 month old was born, we didn't have one of those diaper genies so we just put his dirty diapers in these. We never got around to buying a diaper genie because we don't need to! These sacks hold odor very well and come in handy to keep in the diaper bag to use when you are on the go.

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  • crys7881 By  crys7881    

    Love these!! I keep them in the diaper bag for stinky diapers and they really keep the smell inside =) We have a Diaper Genie but I still but poopy diapers in these sacks for extra smell protection!!

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  • MissxKrystal By  MissxKrystal    

    I got a sample of these when I had my first. Good idea and great to keep in your bag if your heading out and have to change a smelly diaper. They smell like baby powder.

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  • amieng29 By  amieng29    

    These are just great! So nice to have in the diaper bag when you're out and need to put a dirty diaper or even dirty clothes in. They smell so good, too!

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  • asalinas02 By  asalinas02    

    I always take these with us when we leave the house. These wonderful bags saved a full flight of passengers from having to smell a horrible diaper on a long 3 hour flight. You must buy these!

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  • sadie_1992 By  sadie_1992    

    they really help with the smell. I don't have to run a diaper outside right way its okay to be in the trash.

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  • mmmckinn By  mmmckinn    

    JUST BUY THEM! They are priceless. They completely hold in the SMELL! Skip those stupid diaper cans. These revolutionize diaper cleanup!

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  • MomEof3 By  MomEof3    

    I love these diaper sacks! Once the diaper is tied in these bags, you can't smell a thing-even on the worst diapers! And a big bonus-they are very affordable!

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  • chicablanquita By  chicablanquita    

    I keep these in my diaper bag. They have a strong scent so work great!

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  • amymaow By  amymaow    

    I currently use these. They work great. And very easy to use.

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