Sarah McLachlan Surfacing

Sarah McLachlan Surfacing

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love her there is nothing else to say about Sarah she is truly something special and her music reflects that, her songs are so emotional they just draw you in and you feel something wonderful.

I do love Sarah McLachlans music, I used to belt out her music until she started asking people for charity. Now any time I hear her songs it makes me think of sad animals.

So many unbelievably great tracks. I'd say this was her best album!

I am a huge fan of this album. Her voice is very melodic and serene. Each song evokes a range of feelings from eternally sad to deep true love. Beautiful music.

she has a pretty voice

way over played and over rated

This is a nice, mellow cd. She has a beautiful voice. This is a great cd to listen to while taking a long, hot bath and relaxing.

I love this cd and still listen to it from time to time, even after 14 years!

Sarah's music is great. See gives me chills, such a talented artist with a beautiful voice.

I have always liked her songs and is so great to have a new album from her!

I loved her old songs but haven't really liked the new ones.

This is my favorite album and very enjoyable. I enjoy her more and more each time I listen to it!

I love this entire CD - she is one of my favorite artists.

Excellent! This woman has the most beautiful voice and her songs make you feel, which is the whole point of listening to music!!

One of my favorite albums by Sarah...Fumbling Toward Ecstasy is probably my absolute fav, though :)