Sara Lee 45 Calories & Delightful Bread

Sara Lee 45 Calories & Delightful Bread

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a good low cal bread Sara Lee makes a nice bread for toasting and sandwiches. This is great for a lo-cal bread.

Diet Bread that Doesn't Taste Like Cardboard I always have a loaf on hand. Lower in carbs, soft, and flavorful. Great for sandwiches or toast. I also use it when making meatballs and meatloaf.

Absolutely in love with this soft and tasty bread! Has such low calories but yet huge on the flavor aspect. Use it every day for sandwiches, dinner and more. My whole family is now using it.

I love this bread! I had gastric sleeve and this bread fits right into my daily eating plan! Tasty and healthy!

Yum! This bread tastes great and is healthy! A quick piece of avocado toast, or with some jelly, it's the perfect breakfast bread!

I really love this Sara Lee 45 calorie bread! Its low calorie and it tastes great! Its also healthy which i love!

I use this bread instead of buns for hotdogs. I use the Hebrew National 97% fat-free dogs and can have two dogs on two slices of bread and it is only 180 C. Add a dill pickle slice and some condiments for another 50 C and it is a filling lunch for less than 250 C.

This bread is packed with nutritious value! Great prices! Always fresh!

Preferred This bread has been very good. I use this. It is healthy, but here comes the price. It is little bit expensive than other bread brands. Otherwise, it is very good.

Fat-shaming product Low-calorie bread is not actually useful and often contains so much more sugar than normal bread.

this is the only whole wheat bread I use in my house

I recently started to buy this bread. My husband doesn't liked that much but I loved . It's thin and has only 45 calories per slide, is perfect for people who is in diet but they can't stop eating bread like me.

Sara Lee bread is pretty good sometimes it is limited in my store but if you see it in your store give it a try it is a good textured bread and has a,good taste as,well

I love this bread. It's light, but still substantial enough to be filling. Only 90 calories for 2 slices, which is the same as many sandwich thin brands. I use this bread exclusively. It's more pricey than other breads, but well worth it in my opinion. My favorite is the multi-grain, but they're all great! I love having a couple of pieces toasted with peanut butter or half an avocado. Yum!