Sapphire Push

Sapphire Push

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haven't seen the movie yet, but the book was one i won't soon forget. it is bold in the subject matter it deals with, and it is interesting especially in its use of a 1st person narrative voice that evolves grammatically over time as the story and Precious' education progresses. i have to agree that i felt left hanging by the ending, even though regonized that the story was one that was told in-progress. that being said, i thought the book (more so with the movie) was a bit overhyped. definitely worth a read, but not the best piece of literature i've read by a mile.

This movie was great, I just think Mariah Carey Sucked in her role, I'm pretty sure they could have found a better actress to play her role, I did not read the book before seeing the movie however the film has made me want to read the book. Monique by the way I believe her name was Precious's mother in the film did a wonderful job .

I read the book it was pretty interesting it is life even though it is fiction but that happens around the world. It has some sad parts to it but it also has a good ending. I havnt seen the movie but looking forward to it.

This book is a straight forward way to expose people who read the book to a unspoken society that I have seen or heard of in my growing up. The book is about a 16 year old girl, who has an abusive mother and two children by her own father. Precious is illiterate and has faced issues that no one would comprehend. It is heartbreaking to know that this happens to people. Sapphire has wrote this book in the words of Precious.