Samsung Samsung Galaxy S5 4G

Samsung Samsung Galaxy S5 4G

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I bought this phone about 6 months ago and I love it, this is the best for pictures and videos

i had this phone a while back and i loved it!!!!!!!!!! its very easy to use and the camera is awesome! mine was water proof so it was perfect when my teething son decided to use it as chew toy! by FAR the best phone ever

Love, love love my phone. This is my 4th Samsung galaxy phone and I am a superfan. I have gotten into many heated conversations about the iphone compared to the Galaxy, and they can get a little crazy. But when one of my iphone friends comes to the dark side as they call it I just want to throw a little party. I have plenty of memory available to me on my phone, and they take wonderful pictures. Super duper satisfied Samsung Galaxy S5 owner

I've owned a blackberry and iPhone 5 before I got the galaxy s5; so far I love it..!! I love the design and I have to say it is very durable. My 2 year old put that to test on more than one occasion and my phone is still in excellent condition. I'm still experimenting but so far I'm happy with my purchase. I'm able to do so much with it, for example, my school work and writing my papers. Takes me a while to find an app that I'm happy with, but the thing I liked the most is the apps that I were already on my phone. There is also a kids mode, which I'm obsessed with, it keeps my son from missing with my apps or notes. With my iPhone I use to find that some of my apps were missing or moved into some random folder.. But over all this is a GREAT phone and would recommend it to everyone.. OHH and battery life is FANTASTIC..

I'm an electro-nut! I love my technology and use it on a daily basis. I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy s5 due to my Samsung Galaxy Young completely dieing never to be seeing the light again, for real! Not only has my Internet browsing become more efficient, if the phone gets a little wet, it let's you know, it reminds you to click the covers into place, i have been able to download 5 apps for my daughter and still have loads of memory for my photos.. all around I'm a completely satisfied customer. I am a bit anxious to test out the soon to be released upgrade of it that you can throw and drop etc. And it's supposedly bullet-proof (hypethetically speaking) but for now. Samsung Galaxy S5 has my heart. I have not had any problems with it in the 3 months I have had it. I highly recommend it to other who are searching for an upgrade or even for those with poor sight!?.. the large print is amazing.