Samsung Galaxy S2 4G

Samsung Galaxy S2 4G

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Smart phone is out of this world excellent Top notch smart phone stellar product bravo makes an outstanding present for someone who's into technology small enough to fit in your pocket I love this model light weight easy to understand durable

I have one of these now, but I have had quite a few minor problems with it. My screen will freeze when I'm trying to pick up a call, I will swipe to pick up a call three or four times and instead it reads it as 'declining' the call, I will try to turn on the screen to push buttons (like in a phone queue) during a call and instead my phone will flicker off after about a second - VERY annoying when you are trying to call the doctor's office and can't push '2' for appointments before the phone queue hangs up on you!!! Also I dislike how fast it uses up the battery. I can't seem to make it even a full day before mine is zapped. I do like the big screen however, and I like how many apps I can get on the phone (it has plenty of memory space) but I think next time around I'm just going to go for the iPhone.

I have been through a lot of phones over the years, but this is by far my favorite. It holds up to the abuse of my 2 year old and myself. It's very user friendly. I absolutely love that you have SO many options to personalize this phone. The screen is a great size, picture quality is good. the only thing I consistently have a problem with is when I use talk to text, it doesn't seem to register if I say more then a few words and it often picks the wrong word. If you are buying this product, you should also make sure to purchase screen protectors.

I am an iPhone user but my son wanted this one which I believed rivaled mine. It is a great alternative. Samsung makes wonderful products that stand the test of time. I have Samsung electronics all over my home. The screen is big and vivid which I loved. I catch myself looking at CNN videos on his phone instead of my iPhone.

While this is by far super fast compared to my old HTC Aria, more memory and larger storage, the Aria is by far better to use as "a phone". For a smart device, the Samsung is great. Dropped calls is annoying, but the ability to use my apps and lightning speed helps overlook that!