Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and Top Coat

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and Top Coat

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Great polish for the price! Love this polish! Its great because no lights are needed to cure. The brush has an amazing shape that allows you to easily apply the polish evenly. Once it dries its super shiny and looks amazing! I have had it last as long as 2.5 weeks before having to redo them which is a massive plus and time saver for me. It is also affordable!

I never have enough time to go to a salon for a manicure and love the idea to be able to have gel manicured nails. The Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel- The ONLY TRUE 2-STEP GEL MANICURE requires no light so there is no need to buy extra tools to set the gel. To get the gel look, I followed the instructions and applied the 1st coat and let it set as recommended. Then followed up with the 2nd coat. I was a bit worried about how easy the gel manicure would come off again and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was. I loved how shiny my nails looked! It's been slightly over a week now and my nails still look great!

Amazing product The only polish I use at home! It lasts much longer than traditional, is shiner and looks almost professional! Totally recommend!

Salon Style Nails At Home I love having nice looking, freshly manicured nails but I am a stay at home Mom and it is impossible for me to find time to go to the nail salon. I was extremely excited to try Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Birthday Suit and Top Coat to give myself a salon style manicure at home. I had to apply a few more coats of the Birthday Suit gel color than the instructions recommended due to the sheer color of the polish to get solid color to my nails, and it took a little longer to dry than the 5 minutes before I could apply the top coat. The brush in the nail polish was awesome and made it very easy to evenly apply the polish. The results from Miracle Gel really look like a $30 gel polish manicure from the nail salon. It has already been a few days since I have painted my nails and typically by now I would have chipping from the usual household duties, but my Miracle Gel really is life proof! I can now say goodbye to chipped, flaking nail polish and get my gel on with Sally Hansen.

long lasting Amazing! Love shape of the brush. Tons of colors. Easy, no lamps needed. And a pedicure lasts until your nails grow enough to need to repaint anyway. Perfect!

Long Lasting I really love this top coat!! This works well with any other nail polish brand, but used in conjunction with Sally Hansen's gel nail colors is best. I have a desk job that requires a lot of typing and this keeps my nails looking fresh all week! I also do a lot of dishes by hand without this polish chipping or flaking like others I have tried. Thank you Sally Hansen for a wonderful product!!

Love it! It really does last much longer than regular nail polish without the expense of real gel polish. With the job I work, I never wore nail polish unless I got them professionally done because it would only last one day if I was lucky! With the sally Hansen miracle gel I kept my nail polish on just over a week! Well worth the 2 extra dollars you might spend on it.

Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel- The ONLY TRUE 2-STEP GEL MANICURE with no light needed. I have spent lots of money on gel manicures. They look great, but the process can be time consuming. Also, the "soaking" removal process is a pain. It was also very damaging to my nails. Enter Sally Hansen's new Miracle Gel. It is heaven sent. Applies easily in two steps. The colors are vibrant and the SHINE! Whoa, the SHINE! Easy removal, comes off like regular nail polish with just some polish remover. It lasts a very long time. I have had it on for two weeks now with very minimal chipping. That is HUGE in my book! Just make sure you apply it properly to optimize the products performance. Prep those nails properly girls and SEAL THOSE TIPS! I don't wear gloves to wash dishes or clean and this polish really stands up to my abuse. I love this product. Currently loving the Tidal Wave, Hydro Electric and Pink Tank Colors... in that order. I REALLY, REALLY love this product, it is saving my nails, saving me time and a whole lot of cash. What more can a girl ask for? This is a must try. What are you waiting for? Go try Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Polish and top coat NOW!!! :0)