Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color

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Not for me Honestly I was very displeased with this gel polish. I did the recommended application for the pastel pink I bought and it was very streaky. After adding a few more layers it looked good, however it wouldn't dry for hours. After applying the top coat it looked good for a day and I started to notice it was cracking and chipping off. But my best friend bought a different color and she loves it. So I guess it's hit or miss. Try it out.

My go to! This polish is great! It stays on for at least a week for me and always provides a beautiful color. I usually don't even need a top coat!

Not a Fan I wanted to love this product. I hoped it could save my pocket book the endless trips to the salon for gel mani-pedi's and with Covid, I'm not real thrilled about having my nails coated with the same brush that ran over the fingers of 20 other women. My nails are thin and tend to break or tear easily so then need to be coated. Anyway, after a day applying it was gooey for a good bit of time. I had to be careful not to touch anything for a good half hour. Today it is already chipping.

Favorite Brand! This is my all time favorite brand of nail polish. Most other brands chip within a day or two but I can keep this polish on for a week and a half before I take it off and redo my nails!

Marvelous Manicure I love Sally Hansen Miracle Gel! In just 2 steps I am able to have a gel manicure! It lasts up to 14 days and doesn't chip! I don't need to have a UV light for it to dry either! I am able to have a salon quality manicure in the privacy of my home! Another fabulous product by a brand I know and trust!

Running and Gunning The color choices in this line are stunning. I am a run and gun sort of polisher, which means, I am standing up with my sandals on ready to run out the door and gun the gas peddle. The drying time is a little slow for my particular practice. Because of this ~smudging happens.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color lasts! I absolutely LOVE this polish/gel!!! Its quick and easy, and it dries incredibly fast! I actually had my last gel polish last 4 weeks! Its so nice to finally have a great item that actually does what it claims! I highly recommend Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color for anyone that wants a great polish/gel that's easy and lasts a long time!

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel that I tried was the Miracle Gel Birthday Suit and Top Coat. When I applied the two coats as recommended, this color wouldn't cover my nails and I decided to use three coats in my second try. Next, was the Top coat and that works great. Fast drying and left my nails looking shiny and smooth.

This nail polish isn't actually gel nail polish- stays on for about 3 days without chipping, but very vibrant colors.

Ok This bail polish is ok it peals kind of early but the color is very nice

Lots of colors! Love the large selection of colors. The polish dries fast. It stays on about 4 days before chipping.

It's good because it doesn't chip so easily but it takes too long to dry

I am a nail tech and have tried numerous no light gel polishes. This does give you a shine like typical gel polishes. It lasted about 4 or 5 days before chipping.

I expected great things from this nail polish, but I was a little disappointed. I did two coats of color followed by the top coat, and the color went on very well. I liked the consistency of the formula and the brush made for easy application. It did feel slightly thicker than regular nail polish, and had that smooth feel that I would expect from a gel manicure. It took a long time to dry though, it was hours before my nails felt completely free from any tackiness. By day two, I started having considerable chipping. It is now day six, and my nails are a mess. I was hoping to at least get a solid week out of this manicure, but I can't say that this really lasts any longer than any other nail polish for me. I am hard on my nails though, so maybe it would do better for someone else. Overall, the pros and cons of this polish balance out so that, while not the outstanding nail polish I expected, it is not horrible either. I would probably buy it again if I saw another color I wanted to try.

I love love love this Gel polish. It looks like shellac when dry and does hold the color and does not chip off like other gels do. I will always have a bottle of this in my nail polish collection!