Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

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Not for me Doesn't go on evenly and color looks more brown-orange tint.

Good color if you blend very carefully. A little more effort than I care for.

A good product Ok you have to BLEND like crazy and work fast. But adds such a glow and a godsend to paler girls who live near the beach.

This works wonderful! I use it not only on my legs but on my chest and arms when I feel too pale looking. I thought it would be a mess and hard to apply but it was very easy. It did not rub off on my clothes and stayed on all night. It was not sticky and it made my legs and entire body look absolutely vibrant.

Wonderful for use as body makeup. Careful when wearing light colors it tends to stain.

I LOVE this product because I have such uneven skin tone. I've been buying it for a couple of years now. My mother told me about it.

i really don't use this even though i buy it cause my skin color is already and i don't wanna look that tan.

I haven't had the best luck with spray tans. I always end up streaky:(

I've used this for years and recommended it to many friends. you have to know to exfoliate right before applying!!!! this isn't just for legs, I use it on my entire body. I find deep glow I believe its called is the best color. I think there's three colors. only downside is there is sparkles at first when you put it on. recently Sally Hansen came out with air brush legs in a lotion form which has no sparks, I prefer it.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, sounds like a good idea and it is. Legs look so amazingly smooth. However, it transfers onto fabrics really easily. If you use this product you need to make sure your legs don't touch any type of fabric. I stayed at a hotel and used this and we ended up paying for the sheets that were stained with "makeup". Before heading to the hotel I was at the movies and then to dinner so you'd think by then this product would fully dry and not transfer on to anything. If you are planning on standing and then going home to shower before going to bed I would say go for otherwise don't bother. My vacation at that time went from fun to a little frustrating.

I tried this product last summer and it was okay. It's a little tricky to apply you have to be careful you don't get runs and streaks.

I would try this thanks.

No, no, no. I bought this last summer and I have never completed an application on both legs. The nozlle clogs all the time. I get one leg, or most of a leg done, then the can clogs. I try rinsing the nozzle, scrubbing at's awful. There I am with one leg white and the other tan, and then I have to try to figure out what the heck to do. I would never, ever recommend this to someone. I had to throw it out.

bootyemo- yes, it works pretty well on my stretch marks. theyre very small though, i dont know how well it would cover prominent ones.