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  • shannrenn10 By  shannrenn10    

    I have tried many top coats and this was not the worst I have used but definitely not the best. My nails chipped in about a week, sometimes less. But the worst part was the air bubbles, I don't know if this has anything to do with the contents of the hardener itself but when I would put it on then put on nail polish, the polish would always bubble. I stopped using this after only a few uses.

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    I like to wear this alone and apply another coat

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  • violetrose By  violetrose    

    Love this it lives up to what it says.

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  • Dedebaur By  Dedebaur    

    It works great but it takes alittle longer to dry then some other brands.

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  • samgilbert80 By  samgilbert80    

    It works great but goes on a little thick so it takes forever to set and dry

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  • marnierily By  marnierily    

    I really like sally hanse. this nail hardner works pretty good.

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  • t_spiffy By  t_spiffy    

    This is one of the better nail polish's. Doesn't seem to peel or crack off as fast as others.

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  • kabukik By  kabukik    

    I've used nail hardeners for many years but this product made my nails cracked, it looked like I had natural crackled nails. I had to wait for them to grow out so I could again use nail polish.

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