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  • tiffanydanielle1989 By  tiffanydanielle1989    

    cant stand the way this makeup feels on your skin...and its hard to remove!! VERY BAD

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  • CadenceBlythe By  CadenceBlythe    

    I do not like this product. The shadow would not "get" onto my shadow brush. Also I kept dropping the container because it was so small. It may have been my fault that I kept dropping it but I wouldn't purchase again.

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  • Lizeth94 By  Lizeth94    

    These baked shadows are really nice, but too bring out their pigmentation i spray my brush with some setting spray from urban decay and then apply the shadow on.

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  • flemingtessie By  flemingtessie    

    Not my favorite, the colors are so beautiful but it's so sheer it barely shows up.

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  • cjslagle By  cjslagle    

    This product was ok. I bought it in a pinch and have never worn it since. Color fades very fast and is not dark or bright at all. Not worth what i paid for it.

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  • amyclay25 By  amyclay25    

    This is a cheap eye shadow that you can use wet or dry. I thought they had a nice variety of very bright colors. I wasn't impressed with how long it lasted and it seemed to fade quickly in the crease.

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  • cowboyswife By  cowboyswife    

    I like my shades to show up darker and this seemed kind of light to me.

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  • emilycosto By  emilycosto    

    Not crazy about this. I realize you lose some quality with such a low price, but it seems like there is very little color in this product and the color doesn't show that well and also looks cakey.

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  • Shannon17 By  Shannon17    

    Okay I brought this product wi a negative attitude, they were only 99 And sallys had a variety of colors so I thought I would try one. I got it in the shade "pink icing". I love this color so much! I find that it doesn't crease it makes me look awake and it doesn't look cheap! At first not a lot came of onto my brush because it is a baked shadow... But the more I used it the more it became pigmented on my lid. I loved it so much that I bought 3 more in the shades "ladylike lavender, money hungry, and a gorgeous brown bronze that doesn't have a name on it.

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  • ddazee By  ddazee    

    I bought some of these eyeshdows on a whim while shopping at Sally Beauty one day, not expecting much from them. I was pleasantly surprised! These eyeshadows are beautifully shimmery and metallic without looking cheap, and their pigmentation can be even more intense if you apply them wet. These are great products that top even some of the more high end baked eyeshadows that I've tried.

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  • misskatmama By  misskatmama    

    These little shadows are great bargain. The color goes on so smooth. You can go light or heavy and the colors stay beautiful all day long. The containers are surprisingly sturdy and easy to take along even in a small cross body bag.

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  • adriloves03 By  adriloves03    

    Super cheap fun vibrant shadows! I keep a bunch at the bottom of my make up bag and have used them on a few clients. They love the brightness and I love the price!

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  • MakeUpArtist2013 By  MakeUpArtist2013    

    A great find in Sally's the other day. It's cute, cheap and goes on in a nice quality. Use a little water on your brush if you are having trouble with getting the color. Baked shadows are a little stubborn but water will moisten it up and be ready to use!

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  • Simplyalyssaa By  Simplyalyssaa    

    Pigmented,Cheap, Available, are the three words I use to describe this amazing product. The Sally Girl Mini Baked Eye Shadow is a nice product to check out and try. You can get them a Sally's Beauty Supplies stores and they're only a dollar which is amazing. People think cheap can't work or won't be good which is very wrong. This is incredibility pigmented to me, they're about the size of a quarter but they have a rounded top with extra product. I love this product so much, it's cheap and it's something i feel if you're starting out in the makeup world or are looking to branch out and try something new this is right for you.

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  • Synistrugane By  Synistrugane    

    i have this eye shadow and 2 othere ones. ones a nice gold color and the other is a this pretty purple color. and aomg they are amaing to work with they stayy all day and dont make a mess of your face. they are best used when ur applicator is damp..try trust me!!!!

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