Safeway Eating Right Meals

Safeway Eating Right Meals

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Thought I just bought a few bad ones, wrong. These used to be made with quality chicken, etc. Now every one I buy (especially w/chicken) has chicken parts that should have been tossed out. Do they really think we won't notice. Mostly grizzle (sp?). So gross.

Comparable to the national brand and at a good price.

Suprisingly palatable and satisfying

man i never go to safeway or vons, but i love this brand!! my mom happened to have a bunch she got froma friend, it was soo yummie!! love it!! i have the turky and vegitarian chili and it needed a bit of salt but it was soo yummie and the tomato sause/ pasta sause is soo soo great never actually had the frozed meals but the products i have had were great

These are great! I especially like the vegetarian masala one.

These are from Safeway or Genuardi's. I like them, I have noticed I don't like the chicken though. It's just a pet peave with the quality of the chicken in ALL frozen meals.

These are my preferred frozen meal, they're fantastic!

I haven't ever seen these meals, but they sound quite tasty and healthy.

I recently came across the Eating Right frozen entrees and decided to try them since I tried the chips and they were good, I figured these might be as well. Boy was I right! They are absolutely delicious and I could literally eat them every day. Often the sauces and such in frozen low-cal entrees tastes awful, but as the box says, the Eating Right brand is combining "nutrition and flavor"...or something like that. They aren not sacrificying the size or taste of the meal, and actually they are adult sized portions which is rare!