Sabra Greek Olive Hummus

Sabra Greek Olive Hummus

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good for hummus I'm not a huge fan of hummus but this one actually tastes good and has a good consistency

Good on everything! Love sabra! Good with veggies, chips, name it!

Sabra Humus is absolutely delicious! You can enjoy it with and on alot of Dishes!

This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE humus! I've tried many and Sabra Roasted Red Pepper is my Favorite!!! My husband loves the Greek Olive one.

This hummus is okay. I mean, the flavor's good, but there is something about it that is lacking. I grew up with my Israeli best friend's dad making home made hummus, and there's something about authentic hummus that Sabra falls short of. It's not bad for packaged hummus, though.

LOVE Sabra brand hummus. The actual hummus is creamy and delicious and I just LOVE the added flavors. My current favorite is red pepper hummus!

DELICIOUS! My three year old son who is the pickiest child alive even enjoys this! This is a must have in my home for sure!

Sabra hummus is one of the best I've ever had. The texture blends well with the taste. Healthy without the hassle. Fairly priced. Id recommend Sabra to anyone!

This hummus is really delicous. If you're not too crazy about olives, there are may more tasty flavors to try.

I love any kind of hummus. Its is all delicious.

Omg. I'm in love with this hummus. I put it on everything. It is so yummy. We always have it in our home.

Greek sabra... Awesome. Thin with a little olive oil and use on salad!

Delicious! I am an olive lover, so this is perfect for me. My 2 year old loves it on crackers or for dipping carrots. She calls it dipping sauce.

It was ok. I like the original plain hummus.

Love this hummus. The garlic is my favorite one.