Ryan Gosling Gives Women One More Reason To Swoon

   By drodriguez  Aug 25, 2011

It’s not every day that you witness a major celebrity breaking up a street fight in New York City. But this is just what happened when a group of young women turned their camera on a street altercation.

Seconds after the two men begin fighting it out, you can see heartthrob Ryan Gosling, best known for his romantic role he played in “The Notebook," drop his groceries on the ground and step in to convince the brawling pair to break things up. Gosling towers over one of the men, while talking to him and pulling him forcefully by the shirt away from the other man involved in the fight.

When the young women shooting the video realize who they are seeing on the other side of their lens, “the guy from the movies…The Notebook!!!” they begin giggling and speaking hysterically.

Tracy Clark-Flory from Salon (along with gaggles of other grown women) admit to having a school-girl type crush on the handsome tattoed actor and wonder what it is about the man that makes women swoon. Clark-Flory writes, “After watching the clip of him dropping his groceries to stop a man from getting pummeled into the asphalt, I joked that he must be a superhero, a robot from the future or a patriarchal conspiracy meant to render young feminists like myself useless.”

This brings us to the question of what is it we really want in a man. Is it the gallant, macho type like Ryan Gosling, or a more sensitive guy that might consider dialing 911 - which is arguably the smarter move in this situation? After all, things could have turned out much differently for everyone involved had one of the men gotten more agitated or pulled out a weapon.

Do you think Ryan Gosling made a smart move by intervening in this street fight or should he have left it up to the authorities?

Why do modern women still find macho men sexy?

Tell us what most attracts you to men!

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sherrybaby by sherrybaby | wilmington, DE
Aug 26, 2011

I can't believe that those people just stood on the side and laughed while that poor guy was being beaten up! Unbelievable!

YolandaShoshana by YolandaShoshana | NEW YORK, NY
Aug 25, 2011

I heart him...I mean really! :)

emimorgan by emimorgan | Pittsford, NY
Aug 25, 2011

Ryan Gosling pulls off macho & romantic (at least in the Notebook) and that's why he's got it going on (in my opinion)