Royal Canin Mini Adult 27 Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Mini Adult 27 Dry Dog Food

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Healthy Life I have fed Healthy Canin to Pedro since he was born. He has never had any digestional problems. Being a pug he has had issues with his teeth and the chewable small bites are ideal.

I have fed all my Dachshunds (puppies & adults alike ) Royal Canin for Dachshunds in a dry mix I make, for years. I would highly recommend it.

I have a chi/rat terrier mix. After I brought him home from the pound 12/6/2008, I only gave him Royal Cannine (chihuahua 28). His coat immediately improved! He likes it, eats it all up and I think it's really good for him. I have been concerned about all of the problems with dog food in the news (my sister's dog was poisoned a few years ago by some commericially sold dog food) and I wanted to make sure my dog's food was alright. I really like this brand.

Adult 27 by Royal Canin, has been the best food to date for my dogs. I have two very picky rat terriers and this was the first food that they would eat dry. It has all the essential ingredients that small dogs need and is made by a manufacturer that is trusted by veterinarians. Like most products now a days it was effected by a recall a few years ago but since then the entire dog food industry has changed it's testing standards thus leading to better products. Overall Royal Canin is just a good product. I used to feed my dogs "organic" foods, the foods only carried at specialty pet shops because I thought that was the best food out there, better than any commercial brands. However after speaking with my veterinarian and having worked in the veterinarian industry for a while, I've learned that "organic" doesn't necessarily mean good. In fact many of those "organic" and "holistic" foods lack the nutrients dogs need. After I decided to make the switch to a more commercially available food, I chose Royal Canin based on it's standards and recommendations from veterinarian. I noticed a huge difference in both my dogs, their coats were shiny again, they started to bulk up with more muscle and their energy level was at a normal steady range all day long. Though I have small dogs, I'd endorse their whole variety of dog food types. It's just good food. I am currently trying their Dental version with their current Adult 27 and so far am impressed.