Route 66 Elda

Route 66 Elda

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I went by K-Mart while running a few errands and found these shoes, just randomly while trying to find foam boards in the store. These were in a clearance section, which was randomly set up in the middle of a walk-way kind of dividing the store. I ended up spotting the size, thought the style was adorable and tried them on. Right then, it was winner, winner, chicken dinner! They fit perfectly and were adorable on! I love flats and am finding I am in a shoe buying frenzy as of late. I have a number of pairs I want to pick up. Anyway, these are the "Elda" in black. They also had them in tan, which I wanted, but they did not have any in my size. These were marked as being $9.99 on clearance. When I brought these up to the register, they rang up for $6.99! Score! You can't get a pair of shoes cheaper than that! I'm not a big name brand shoe buff (aside from sneakers, I can ONLY purchase Nike's but mainly due to their very minimal to no-arch) so the fact that these are Route-6 doesn't bother me. These are adorable to wear with jeans or even leggings!