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  • Jessme By  Jessme    

    My favorite

    These are so good. I use them when I make my Santa fe chicken in the crockpot. They really do have a great flavor. I would give these 10/10. And highly recommend.

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  • Mayalicious13 By  Mayalicious13    

    Makes a good dip!

    Best to mix with Velveeta cheese for a good dip!! Especially for holidays!

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  • jenrenh By  jenrenh    

    Great Flavor!

    We use Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies in everything! Great way to add flavor to your food!

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  • rburns14 By  rburns14    

    Long time Ro-Tel fan

    I have been eating rotel for almost 50 years and I love it, especially with melted cheese! I always make sure my pantry has at least one can!

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  • Mdblasioli By  Mdblasioli    


    Not too spicy, but has a great taste and flavor in my recipes. I use this all the time when making burritos.

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  • Pinkorchid By  Pinkorchid    

    Spicy Foods

    Great product, it works well inside velveeta cheese. It kicks it up a notch. Gives it a good flavor. It's spicy and delicious. I recommend this product to everyone who likes spicy foods.

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  • thepittsmn By  thepittsmn    

    Rotel the best

    I love Rotel. I put it in my chili, spaghetti sauce and anything that I want extra flavor too.

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  • kugrad2005 By  kugrad2005    

    Dip worthy

    I love putting this in dips like salsa and queso. I always have them on hand so i can use it for special events.

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  • BethyBird By  BethyBird    

    Essential Ingredient

    Any time I make chili, this is an essential ingredient. Great for Asian or Italian foods as well.

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  • calliebritt By  calliebritt    

    So good!

    Love! 1 lb Velveeta and 1 can Rotel. Add any additional ingredients like cooked ground beef-optional. Melt and serve with chips! So good and so easy to make.

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  • BigLipLouise By  BigLipLouise    

    So so good!

    Love this, use it for a lot of my recipes! Perfect for homemade nachos and dips!

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  • LDBeckner By  LDBeckner    

    i will shop generic brands for some things just to save even a few pennies, it all adds up, BUT Ro-tel is the only one i get for tomatoes and green chillies to add some spice to my meals.

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  • fmd518 By  fmd518    

    Great Product

    I love making using this in some of my recipes that call for tomatoes . It adds extra flavor

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    


    This is so good to keep around for a quick addition to a recipe or to add flavor to eggs, a burrito, dip, and more.

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  • mpatronella By  mpatronella    

    Great Kitchen Staple

    We keep a can of Rotel always available. Whether you are adding it to queso, scrambled eggs or a soup- it always makes a great addition. We love the pop of flavor that the green chiles add to the tomatoes. This is a kitchen staple and an awesome addition to so many dishes.

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