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  • Jenerallyhappy By  Jenerallyhappy    

    Set it and forget it

    We've had one for nearly 20 years. The first one, we shattered the glass door when it dropped. The cost of the replacement and shipping was more than a new one, so we got a new one. No regrets. It cooks roasts and fish to juicy perfection.

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  • Mom2ddm By  Mom2ddm    

    Ronco Ron Popeil Rotisserie

    Our Ronco Rotisserie is the only way to cook our Thanksgiving turkey. Unlike the rest of my family, traditional turkey is not my favorite thing but since we started cooking it in the rotisserie I love turkey! It is so juicy with crispy skin. The difficult part with a turkey is getting it tied up well and even on the spit so that takes a little time to get it ready.

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  • tyelverton By  tyelverton    

    I use my Ron Popeil Rotisserie at least 3-4 times a month. Makes the best roasted chicken which is always juicy on the inside with a nice crisp skin. Veggies are always done just right. I think everyone should have one :)

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  • lucasj By  lucasj    

    this works great the chicken is always really moist.

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  • Liduvina By  Liduvina    

    This machine works good. The fat drips off the meat, the price is reasonable. I always get juicy meat and poultry when I cook with these machine.

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  • constantinople By  constantinople    

    We love our Ron Popeil Rotissiere! It makes the juiciest whole chicken. We also use it to cook pork chops, Rib Eye Steaks, small turkeys. Our favourite of all is grilled vegetables though :) Eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash etc. drizzled with high quality balsamic vinegar is the bomb!! Best of all clean~up is so quick and easy....and as they say on the commercial...just set it and forget it :) 5 stars :)

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