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  • lizag2012 By  lizag2012    

    i recently bought this product and i tried it. it was really good. good taste

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  • mimis1gal By  mimis1gal    

    We have made this dish several times and my family loves it. The sauce is perfectly seasoned. The entire meal takes less than 30 minutes and is really convinent. All you have to do is add chicken and everything else is already in the box. I think that these meals are a good value.

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  • washingtinlady By  washingtinlady    

    I LOVED to chicken and sauce, and it was pretty easy to make, also the sauce was not too lemony. But i did not like the noodles, i am a fan of angel hair pasta, but to me it tasted close to roman noodles. Had it had the whole wheat noodle i think i'd like it much better! They should just sell the four and sauce packets. (with out the pasta)

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