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  • Ambyars By  Ambyars    

    I first watched this as a kid when it came out. to this day it always sucks me into watching it when it comes on tv.

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  • patski9 By  patski9    

    Such a cool movie!

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  • Kimber78 By  Kimber78    

    Loved this movie ! Loved the actors and everything about this movie. Definitely recommend this movie. You won't be disappointed that is for certain ! This is for all ages to love. Romance, funny, plenty of action and funny. Loved it !

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  • hgirl1020 By  hgirl1020    

    Such a funny movie. It has action, love, comedy. Something that a group of friends could all enjoy, or a couple having a movie night could laugh over. Great actors, one VERY FUNNY scene with an airplane. All together, a good way to spend some time together.

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  • diggit02 By  diggit02    

    Great movie . Kathleen turner and Michael Douglas together you cant go wrong. Adventure , romance, and action all rolled into one .

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  • elph71 By  elph71    

    This fun flick from 1984 is an excellent choice for date night. Kathleen Turner plays Joan Wilder, a romance novelist and shut-in who finds out what she's made of when called upon to rescue her more adventurous sister from the clutches of a crime kingpin in Columbia. All she has to do is bring him a map that might lead to a priceless emerald. Only there are other factions waiting to waylay her before she can get to the meet. Michael Douglas plays Jack Colton, the mercernary who agrees to get her out of a jam - for a price. Danny DeVito plays Ralph, a henchman sent to make sure the duo don't run afoul of the true villain of this piece: Zolo, a corrupt cop with a taste for blood. The cast is great, the story is fun and the effects are just right for the mid-80's blockbuster era. This movie has a perfect blend of romance, action and nostalgia, a great combo for date night.

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