Roku Streaming Player

Roku Streaming Player

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Roku changed our life! We were done with all the commercial on the satellite and cable,we bought a roku with Netflix and we can now watch TV no commercial,stop and come back later with no problem Great way also to have sport channel or any channel you want without having to buy a "cable package" with channels you never watch!

We love this thing! It's great for watching Netflix, etc when there just doesn't seem to be anything else on tv. We even went back and bought 2 more! And it's great for our boys' room since it isn't a huge box for them to mess with.

We received a Roku LT for Christmas this year and have really enjoyed it. I had a little bit of trouble with the setup getting the device to connect to my wireless network, but went to and they had online help, where I could chat with someone who helped me set everything up. In the setup for this, they ask for a credit card number, which I guess is used when you add channels which have a monthly or one-time fee. I didn't want to use a credit or debit card, and the online person helping me was able to set up our account using a valid email address instead. We already had a netflix account, and were able to start streaming right away. There are quite a few channels that are free of charge, so we haven't purchased any other channels at present, but you can also stream Hulu plus and Amazon Prime. Maybe the reviewer above had a different model from the one we received, but ours came with both an HDMI cable to connect to an HD TV and a cable to connect to an older TV. I haven't tried it with an older tv, so I don't know how well that works. The only snag we've had with this is that once in a while when we are watching something it stops and reloads, then picks back up where it left off in the video. I think that this may be because we are on the opposite end of the house from our wireless router. Between the Roku LT, our basic HD Tv which picks up local stations over the air even without an antenna, and the netflix account, we have been able to completely drop cable without missing it! In addition to the site mentioned above, there is also a roku facebook page with links to a blog that reviews all the channels.