Roddy Doyle A Greyhound of a Girl

Roddy Doyle A Greyhound of a Girl

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I've been reading a lot of stinkers lately, so when I got the chance to read this book (the title and cover automatically grabbing me), I jumped on it. The first thing you'll notice is how engaging both the dialogue and the dialect of the characters is; I loved words like "eegit" and how the mother, Scarlett, always ended her sentences with an exclamation. And then there's Mary, the main character, who, of course, is just becoming a teenager and uses a certain word until it's worn'll see. Either way, it's humorous and the way they talk grows on you after a while. I also found virtually no grammatical errors, which I love to see! It makes me more secure when I read a book to trust the author when he/she uses grammar correctly, if that makes sense. I also thought the "chapter markers," or whatever they are called, were beautiful illustrations and added to the beauty of the story in a way you could actually see. I think my favorite thing about this book was not only the humor in it, but the suspense at the end, and how touching it was. I don't cry with many stories, and although I still didn't cry with this one, the story made me yearn to see my grandmother, which the thought of did make me start to tear up. There were a few quotes I highlighted that I really enjoyed, especially one that proves my theory that all ages are meant to enjoy it. I will wait until the book is actually released, however, before I spout out what the author might decide at the last minute to remove. Even though the story is aimed at children and YA, and even though one of my favorite characters from the story just so happened to be a ghost, I truly believe this is a book that all ages will enjoy. Like the four generations of women who came together in the story, different generations can come together to read this book.