Road Trippers Beware: Driving Too Slow Can Cost You Up To $1000 in Some States

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jun 22, 2015

Taking a road trip this summer? You will probably want to make sure you leave your ‘Sunday driver’ habits behind as more states crack down on drivers going under the speed limit.

When you think about getting pulled over for unsafe drivers, speeding down the highway is an image that comes to mind. But CBS News reports about the hefty fines drivers in many states now face when they fail to go fast enough.

States like Illinois, New Jersey and now Indiana can ticket drivers for going under the speed limit while using the left-hand passing lane. If you do this in Chicago, IL (and four other states) you can actually face a whopping $1,000 fine and if you do it more than once you may be looking at a misdemeanor charge.

About 38 states are now fining drivers for not moving over in the passing lane and most law enforcement agree that going too slow can make for a very dangerous driving hazard. NJ State Police Lt. Col. Patrick Callahan explains, “I would agree going 90 is more dangerous than going 50, but doing 50 does come with some concern and some consequences.” In New Jersey, slow drivers can face a maximum of a $300 fine for their offense.

If you want to go a little slower law enforcement advises that you always try to stay in the right hand lanes. Holding up traffic in the left lane has been known to cause major accidents when faster drivers attempt to pass on the right. Callahan says, “It's those cars that are really obstructing the flow of traffic out there, sometimes even driving under the speed limit. That's who troopers are looking for, that vehicle and that driver that's really failing to keep right as they should.”

What do you think of the laws currently in place that can fine slow drivers?

Are you guilty of going too slow in the passing lane?

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browneyes78 by browneyes78 | Homosassa, FL
Jun 25, 2015

I can guarantee I am NOT guilty of driving too slow! haha I'm glad they are finally doing something about this, slow drivers are a hazard. You really have to go with the flow..... And please remember, an acceleration lane means speed up to get in with traffic, don't creep over, another hazard. And I don't mind you getting on, but I wont slow down and hinder traffic for you so you can get in, hit the gas and get in there.