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  • Amberangel By  Amberangel    

    I decided since I am going to start my reviews back up on my Youtube Channel, that I would buy this one. I am still only 3 weeks in on giving it a fair chance and so far so good! I must say in order to give the face products a fair try, you must stay diligent in your quest. I also bought the ROC eye cream . I will be staying with this ROC line if it all goes well . I give it 4 stars at this point in time.

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  • lesacap1262 By  lesacap1262    

    I'm a big fan of RoC products, this is a really soothing and moisturizing night cream. My face felt soft and moisturized while I sleep! It feels good in the morning and doesn't feel like I have a film on my skin. I like that it absorbs, moisturizes without feeling oily or heavy.

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  • JShields2432 By  JShields2432    

    So far i have not seen any dramatic results, i have been using for about two weeks now. I do like that it does not dry my skin and that it does not leave a greasy film after applying. i really am confident with more use i will see the results everyone speaks of.

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  • utahmom2014 By  utahmom2014    

    I reviewed this product recently for a site and really found that I liked it. I do not have that many wrinkles, as of yet, but I do get those wonderful, not, creases between my eyes and on my forehead. I used this at night before bed and found that it really absorbed well into my clean skin and it didn't leave any greasy residue. It didn't cause any side effects and it did tighten up the area between my eyes. It is something that takes time and regular use to see the results, but in the end they are there. You will need to continue using on a regular basis to keep up the results also.

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  • Mhingz15 By  Mhingz15    

    This cream is very helpful, it rejuvinates and give my skin a satisfying look that you've never been expecting. Once you try it, you'll always want to use it.

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  • Meaganalora By  Meaganalora    

    Works really well! My skin became tight after about a month. Moisturizer very well without making skin greasy

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  • Lifeonprint1 By  Lifeonprint1    

    I love this and all ROC products, it really does make a difference in the appearance of your skin. But be careful if you are in the sun, it does make your skin very sun sensitive and you will burn much easier.

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  • blackrosefx By  blackrosefx    

    I love how creamy this product is and it is a wonderful night cream. However because of the fact that it contains retinol,those with very sensitive skin may want to approach with caution. It can have a drying effect and cause some sun sensitivity. If you use with a good sunscreen before your makeup application it balances out after regular use and you will notice a difference and so will your friends and loved ones.

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  • DAP713MOM By  DAP713MOM    

    Roc is a great face moisturizer as well as the Roc facial cleanser

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  • Lorie64 By  Lorie64    

    I love this night cream and I have used it for years.

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  • unixwench By  unixwench     SheSpeaks Tester

    I use this product several times a week and have noticed a definite lessening of the fine lines in my face. I have already recommended this to several friends.

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  • Lorisa By  Lorisa    

    I like this better than what I got from the dermatologist . I feel that it has changed the texture of my skin. Very happy with this product.

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  • KarenSol By  KarenSol    

    I absolutely love this cream. I purchased it after researching wrinkle creams online and finding it had great reviews. They were spot on. After using Roc night cream for 10 days, I noticed improvement around my eyes. The cream is lightly scented, silky and didn't irritate my skin.

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  • janiekrakowski By  janiekrakowski    

    I have yet to use another product that compares to this. I am the President of the Retinol Deep Wrinkle Cream Fan Club, hands down ;) ! I tell all my friends about this amazing product!

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  • crystalhale By  crystalhale    

    putting a glow on the skin makes you see them more i love there stuff but this one is a miss

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