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  • Sousafam12 By  Sousafam12    

    So in love with this little machine. It also has a vegetable steaming option which is really nice but if you are not careful you can turn the vegetables to mush.

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  • Linda4556 By  Linda4556    

    I have this rice cooker and I like it. I had the smaller version and now I have the bigger one and they are simple to use and cook rice quite well.

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  • vickiedien By  vickiedien    

    This is a great rice cooker for a family of four. Sometimes it is harder to measure the rice to water ratio when there are no instructions on the bag of rice, but otherwise the rice comes out perfectly!

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  • embracespectrum By  embracespectrum    

    This rice cooker is so easy to use. You just put the rice in, add water, and push the button. As soon as you hear the click that will become familiar if you cook rice as often as we now do, you scoop the rice out with the white scoop that's provided in the box, and you're done. The rice turns out just right. Just make sure you take the rice out as soon as it's done. I would not use the warming feature, as the rice does end up getting stuck to the bottom of the cooker if you leave it in. Other than that, the rice cooker is perfect.

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  • happi23 By  happi23    

    I love my rice cooker, i'm not good with cooking rice on my own but this cooks perfectly every time. I also use to steam veggies

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  • averyzoe By  averyzoe    

    This is a product I never really thought I'd get much use out of. We didn't each much rice--turns out that was because we weren't making it right. With this, you simply add rice and water and turn it on. It switches to warm on its own when the rice is finished, and it turns out perfect and fluffy every time. We make rice with cinnamon and sugar for a quick breakfast, replace water with broth and add a few frozen veggies for a nice side, reduce the water and add some salsa and beans fora nice compliment to tacos. It's great!

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