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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    Didn't like it very much.

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  • kiki09090 By  kiki09090    

    I Love this foundation! Great coverage!

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  • sarabethp By  sarabethp    

    In loveeeee! This is an amazing foundation that lasts all day! It has a natural finish that does not look too shiny or dull. The matte look is by far my favorite and this product is so affordable. This is one of my all time favorite affordable foundations!

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  • Ashe176 By  Ashe176    

    My favorite foundation by Rimmel. Goes on smoothly. Covers like it should. Wonderful product.

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  • lovestotestmakeup By  lovestotestmakeup    

    this worked great on my skin..@!!!

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  • Janee13 By  Janee13    

    Amazing coverage, love it.

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  • iluvsamples By  iluvsamples    

    I really like this product....wears just as long and smooth on my face as all the other high end foundations I have tried!

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  • sophiaspizz By  sophiaspizz    

    Light to Medium Coverage. It doesn't last to long I actually got VERY OILY with this. I now wear the 25 hour foundation by rimmel and I don't get oily at all. So I wouldn't reccomend it for dry or oily skin. It clings to dry patches. If you have minimal acne no dry skin and don't need a lot of coverage this would be amazing. But it didn't work well for me it is a good foundation though.

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  • gr8belief By  gr8belief    

    I did not enjoy wearing this foundation. It was irritating to my skin, and the few dry spots I have really got itchy. It was hard to get a color that was the right shade - they seemed peachy. It would be an individual choice though, so I will say yes I would recommend it.

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  • Jessica87 By  Jessica87    

    This is such a great foundation! Its gives great, full coverage and lasts all day. It has a very natural look and dries nicely. It does give you a very matte look which is great for oily skin. Its one of my favorite products of all time!

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  • missie_dee2003 By  missie_dee2003    

    I like this product. it gets a great review from me and my daughter. we love this foundation.give it a try and you will see.

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  • carsonscottsmommy By  carsonscottsmommy    

    This is great because it stays on all day and does not let shine through

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