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  • stef42678 By  stef42678    

    Great for Lashes

    I love this mascara because it really gives a great look to your lashes without clumping! I like that it adds length and volume and the brush coats every lash. This works great!

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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    

    Good value!

    Fir the orice this mascara is good. Just do not put a lot, let it dry and reapply so it doesn't clumps.

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  • Raabdebbie2019 By  Raabdebbie2019    

    Should be called extra sexy!

    Let me say this is definitely my new favorite! I love the flexible wand and the tube is adorable! The fragrance was so minamle and that?s a big deal with me. The product stayed in tack for my entire day yet so easy to remove at home. I love the price range as well!

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  • Jenmarie0305 By  Jenmarie0305    

    I love this mascara. Makes your lashes look beautiful.

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  • maranosierra18 By  maranosierra18    


    I love this product it is amazing and makes a huge difference .

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  • Havamarie475 By  Havamarie475    

    Nice extension with no clumping

    I really like Rimmle Sexy Curves Mascara it goes on without clumping and gives nice extension to my lashes. I keep it on hand incase I lose my top choice mascara.

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  • denovot By  denovot    

    like the wand, not the product

    Theres ohhhh so many mascara's in the universe and half of them have passed through my drawers. I always cave and buy new ones when I know I should just stick to the tried a true. The wand wasn't terrible but the formula is raccoon city. I actually tossed the bottle within a few weeks and washed off the wand to dip in other ones that I do not like the wand of... too much effort? Maybe.

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  • Jdubbz1113 By  Jdubbz1113    


    The applicator is so unique. This mascara gives super length and volume and makes your eyes pop. No clumping long lasting and easy to remove.

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  • Heathers2980 By  Heathers2980    

    Rimmell Mascara

    Adds super volume and lenght to your lashes all while staying clump free. Love this product! The applicator brush gives every lash curl.

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  • DoreenAstra By  DoreenAstra    

    Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

    I love Rimmel Products and I absolutely love this mascara because it lengthens my lashes. This product is pricey but it is worth buying.

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  • xoxojamie By  xoxojamie    


    not my favorite but for the price it was ok . i wont be getting it next time

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  • mrobin77 By  mrobin77    


    DID NOT LIKE AT ALL!!Clumped...flaked...and had to apply too much to even look like i was wearing mascara

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  • Squeaks79 By  Squeaks79    


    I really enjoyed the brush it came with!! Very nice on the eyes and makes my eyes pop!! Will definitely purchase again!!

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  • dianita200 By  dianita200    

    favorite product its so good and the quality its excellent

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  • nikki7509 By  nikki7509    

    This mascara is nothing more than mediocre. I guess it would be okay if it was an only option, but it takes forever to dry and if you blink you end up with mascara everywhere.

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