Rimmel Scandaleyes

Rimmel Scandaleyes

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Very reasonably priced mascara Reasonably priced mascara that is long lasting but very easy to remove. Tends to last longer than other brands due to the size.

Not as good as the wand The actual mascara liquid is horrible. no clumps is right because it will absolutely fly through your lashes like water unless you run it through a couple hundred times then you will end up with clumpy lashes shooting straight out and absolutely not up. but like the title says, the wand looks like it has potential with a good liquid. i usually combine a good mascara and use the wand for lift. This mascara also has a strong that can be smelled just by opening the tube.

This mascara is one of my faves! Makes my lashes thicker and longer. And it's cheap. Actually what I use now.

Do Not Buy! Definitely not "Scandaleyes" like they say at all! The mascara was thick and messy! It was more clumpy then retro glam. Was not happy at all. I even tried another way to apply it (which wasn't easy to remove also!) More lightly and with a blow dryer to define and that didn't even help which normally does with even a cheap $2 mascara. Not purchasing again!

I actually really love this mascara, I am a huge fan of the big brush. It's a really great product for under $7.00 , you can't beat that, if your not looking to spend much for a good mascara this is a perfect pick!!

This was a good mascara. It has a drier formula so it's not as goopy and wet as some other mascaras I've used. It is a little clumpy, but I'm a fan of clumpy crazy volume so that didn't bother me one bit. The one major downside is that the top of the tube where the wand comes out got really messy and gross and with this being a drier formula it didn't last as long as I wish it would have.

This mascara did not work for me one bit. I'll break it down easily: Pros: no clumping; water-proof version comes off easily with eye cream or other make-up remover; goes on black; brush is easy to handle Cons: does not separate lashes; does not extend lashes as described; brush does not hit all lashes, particularly the ones on the end; attempting to do more than 1-2 coats will cause clumping.

I really do not like this mascara as much as other options offered by the same brand. For me the brush is way to big, give to much mascara at one time, and is very messy while even drying. I will never buy this product again!

This is my favorite mascara. It spreads all your lashes apart and adds much volume and length. I'd recommed this to anyone.

Scandaleyes is the only mascara I will ever use! It completely fans out your lashes to the point where they almost look fake!

This stuff works wonders on your lashes. Makes them appear much longer and they last all day! Definitely a great buy!

Oh, I love it. I was spending lots of money on different types from the mall this is awesome and I can get it from CVS with my various discount, BONUS.

I have always used the same brand of mascara since I was a teenager. I got a coupon for a free rimmel product and I picked this one and omg its made my eyelashes look amazing! They look so full and healthy and I get compliments on how beautiful my lashes are. Great mascara in my opinion

To me the brush was too big and when i brushed it on my lashes, it clumped them together and went onto my outer eye. This may be better for someone with big almond shaped eyes.

The brush is so big it's hard not to get it all over your eye.