Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara

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Usually after applying mascara I have to separate some of the clumped lashes with a toothpick, but not with this product. It separated my lashes perfectly with absolutely zero clumping, yay! It also lasts for hours without flaking or smudging. Can't wait to see if it actually does promote lash growth as well.

I expected so much.more from this mascara. I have medium lengthed lashes that are not too short,, but not that long either. I didn't like that it separated my lashes so much. It took a of coats to add volume to them. Now, I will admit, it made them look longer, but too separated. I heard all the rants and raves about it, but was highly disappointed.

One of my basic mascaras, Rimmel London's Lash Accelerator Mascara is one that I keep in my purse. I love the slim silicone wand because it does a great job at separating and defining lashes- something girls with longer, thicker lashes need. Like I said this is a mascara I keep around as a basic, it does a great job at adding length and separating, so no clumps here. I also use it for layering- I'll use Rimmel's Lash Accelerator to do two base coats and then I'll do two top coats with another mascara that is good for volumizing. Volumizing is the only area that Rimmel's Lash Accelerator lacks, but then again, it isn't made for volume. I haven't noticed any extra lash length, only when I have it on- but I have not worn it for 30 consecutive day's- which it say's "Lashes look up to 117% longer in 30 days". I think I'll be doing a 30 day challenge with Rimmel's Lash Accelerator Mascara because the benefits of repeated use are great- with continued use your lashes are supposed to look longer, lusher and more numerous. Even just being on occasion, as I use it, it is a great mascara.

One of my favorite mascaras. I have others that are better so I gave it 4 starts but I'd really give it about a 4.4! This mascara does a great job at pulling your eyelashes up and out towards the sky while separating them the perfect amount. Just enough for your lashes to still look full but not too much to the point where they are sparse. This mascara gives me the doll like look that I go for.

This mascara didn't really do it for me. It wasn't bad or anything, but as someone with short eyelashes it wasn't very helpful or useful at all

Didnt care for this,didnt do much for my lashes,hardly looked like i even had mascara on.

This mascara really works...it creates a nice dramatic look to the lashes.

Definitely seems to increase volume of lashes, some flaking after several hours of wear.

This is an excellent product and an exceptional value. I also like that I often find coupons for this product but I would buy it without a coupon. I have fine lashes and this product does not clump. It is easily removed but does not smudge.

I just started using this mascara........noticed how easy the application is - very good brush. We wil see in a few how much the lashes grow!!!

I love this stuff. I have been using this mascara for the past three months and I have noticed a significant difference in the length of my lashes. I would definitely recommend this product.