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  • Tamiramichelle By  Tamiramichelle    

    Sensitive skin will not do well with this product, made me break out. I would reccomend another primer than this.

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  • Photographer25 By  Photographer25    

    I use this primer under the Rimmel foundation because they work so well together. It's smooth and makes the foundation look like new all day long.

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  • humsale By  humsale    

    I am kind of confused about this primer, really silky but silicon is mixed with a viscous base. Can be easily over used and makes blending foundation a night mare. The only primer i have used so far that makes my skin itch after 5 minutes of use.

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  • ladyboss7 By  ladyboss7    

    excellent primer, love the subtle tint that it has.

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  • simbalala By  simbalala    

    Great primer that goes with any foundation. Perfect for all skin types. Face looks fresh and polished.

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  • Scalar22 By  Scalar22    

    It's in Ok primer, a bit irritating for my sensitive skin but I did notice a better coverage with the primer rather than without.

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  • rocknrollprincess22 By  rocknrollprincess22    

    One of the best primers ive ever used!!

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  • cmichaud1987 By  cmichaud1987    

    I bought this primer in hopes to extend the wear of my foundation however when i went to use it the product it had separated, a water like liquid poured out of it. I shook the tube for a very long time trying to combine the ingredients again but it still did not work. I contacted Rimmel and they were kind enough to send me a coupon for a free rimmel product. I may not be a fan of the product but the company itself i give 4 stars to.

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  • pixiemom618 By  pixiemom618    

    applies well and does help the staying power of foundation. the color blends out find, but it is a shock if you expected it to be clear or light tan, it is really almost orange.

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  • iheartpretty By  iheartpretty    

    This primer has a pink tint to it, which can alter the color of your foundation. I would not recommend this product especially if you have a lot of redness with your skin. I would not buy this product again. I do feel that your foundation will have better staying power using this.

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  • drake14 By  drake14    

    Not terribly impressed with this. It applies beautifully, I'll give it that, but as far as making an actual difference in application or staying power of my powder/foundation, I really haven't noticed a change. If anything my makeup seems more prone to creasing than before.

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  • beyondbeautylounge By  beyondbeautylounge    

    I didn't care for this primer. I found it to be a weird color, it did not absorb well and ended up leaving a film on my skin that interfered with the blending of my foundation. I tried it a few times using less but had the same result.

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  • Emlynn By  Emlynn    

    After reading everyone's reviews about this primer I am going to try it! Thanks!

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  • noelrocs By  noelrocs    

    Great stuff! This is another great primer to use under mineral foundation. The color lightens up after you apply it and it lasts for a long time. I like it for the price, finish, and performance. I received this from my mama as a gift because the shade was too light for her and I have bought it twice since that first tube :)

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  • sophiaspizz By  sophiaspizz    

    I LOVE THiS PRIMER it somewhat smooths my face it gets rid of a lot of the redness and it diminishes my pores. The color doesn't matter it just blends in your skin right away, Definitly smooths and calms redness. It makes my foundation LAST FOREVER! It's great sometimes I just use this and a setting powder it works so good.

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