Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded

Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded

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Happy music I love her stuff catchy lyrics you can dance to this and it's upbeat also best CD when it comes to pop songs gets stuck in your head

Sings from the soul I understand how and why this album connects with so many people after seeing Rhianna's interview with Oprah. She's undoubtedly spiritual, on an authentic level. This shines through her voice and gives her music that "feel it" status that many artists aspire to achieve.

Rihanna has such a beautiful voice.No matter what song she sings.I love the sound of each song on this album.

I loved this album. I like how the music is on this album and her vocals are pretty good.

i've always been a supporter of rihanna. she has so much she could do with her voice, and i hope she explores more genres as she goes. but overall she's very talented and i hope to see more

This album is simply amazing. I love Rihanna and pretty much all of her songs on this album. SO GOOD!

Loved this album and pretty much every song too. Wish she would make more music like she did on this album

I love Rihanna! Her voice is awesome and her music keeps me pumped!! This album had quite a few songs on it to keep me going!

I like some of Rihanna's music. I have songs from some of her albums. I don't own the whole albums.

This is a great album. Rihanna really shines in Disturbia and Take a Bow.

Love Rihanna. Her songs are great and her voice is amazing.

I love Rihanna and I really liked this album especially her hit song Disturbia. Her songs stick in your mind all day long and you find yourself singing them out loud when you're all alone!!

Nice songs, full of upbeats, dance, sad love songs.

Love this album for when I am at the gym on the treadmill or the elliptical!!

love this cd!