Richelle Mead  Vampire Academy

Richelle Mead Vampire Academy

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Love all the Vampire Academy books.I read my set over 7 times and I still get caught up in the stories and the adventure. I also read Bloodline and cant wait to read Golden Lily to see if Adrian and Sydney deals with Demetri into their lives.

These were the BEST Vampire books I have EVER read. Yes, I have to say, even better than the Twilight series. Yes, that is a bold statment. I stumbled across this series and could not get enough. This series takes vampires to a new level. There are good vamps, the Moroi, that can even go out in the sunlight and they are governed by the royal families. Those tweleve families have guardians that go to school with the vampires and train very very hard to protect them. Then of course the evil vamps, the Strigoi, who follow most vampire rules. These stories follow the Dragomir princess Lisa (the very last in her line, and therefore she is very valuable and most want to see her dead - really dead) and her guardian Rose and the very special bond these two share. There is also and incredibly powerful love story between two guradians, Rose and Demetri - which is forbidden for many reasons. The series has been so popular that the author, although complete with this series, has begun another series based on other characters in The Vampire Academy. I really can not reccommend these books enough!!!!!!!

Took me a while to get into this series, but now I love it! The first book does start off a slow, but it does get better.

I enjoyed this entire series. I loved all the characters, and found myself becoming invested in each of their stories. Themain character, Rose, was sometimes difficult to relate to, but even so I found myself rooting for her. Good series for anyone who would like a different perspective on Vampire society.

I loved this book! It's a great story about friendship, and the lengths a person would go to to protect their best friend. It has two kick butt heroine's (Rose and Lissa, which is awesome considering most vampire series out there depict the men as heroes), a juicy forbidden romance, and a twist that will leave you shocked! I couldn't wait to get my hands on the second book!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series and can not wait until the 7th for the last book. I only recently this year discovered this amazing story and couldn't put it down until there were no books left. I have allowed my best friends daughter to borrow my copies of the books and got her hooked as well. My daughter is only 7 but when she becomes a teenager (at least 15) I sure hope she will enjoy them as much as myself. I recommend this series not not only young adults but adults as well. Its cleverly written so that it draws you into the storyline. You feel the pain, love and other emotions that go along with these characters.

Richelle Mead is an amazing writer, and I've become so addicted to the Vampire Academy series (even though I'm 30-something). I started reading this series to see if it was "acceptable" for my tween daughter. On that I have to say NO!! I would say that the maturity level is acceptable for ages 16 and up. As for the story itself... Each of the characters are distinct and well-written. I love the protagonist Rose...she's strong, snarky, and fabulous! But she also knows when she needs to rein herself in and take things seriously. I also love the men in her life, especially Adrian. He has his flaws, but is also caring, sensitive, and loves her to pieces. I'm always more drawn to the bad boy, so Adrian sets my heart on fire. Anyway, I highly recommend the series. I dare say that I liked it more than I liked Twilight, which is definitely saying something.

I really loved this series. I started reading it after finishing the twilight series. I have finished all books but the last one. I would highly recommend it to anyone that loved the twilight series! A job well done!!

This series is really great! I was looking for something to satisfy me after the Twilight series was finished and this helped do the trick! The characters are really easy to follow and like. The entire series so far has not disappointed me! Check this out for a quick, entertaining read!

I love this series with a passion. The main character rose is tough and witty unlike most Vampire series out there excluding a few. I like how there is this whole new world the author Richelle Mead has created and from the first chapter you're thrown into it. Great read and recommended for anyone who wants something different than a stereotypical vampire series to read.