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  • cbibbo16 By  cbibbo16    

    love these guys. crisp salty goodness for your mouth!.

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  • gloriarr By  gloriarr    

    healthy tasting, They have several flavor choices altho I like the plain flavor the best. As a diabetic they make a good lower carb tasty treat for me. . Also, good for children with allergies to other grains. My grandson loves these as well as I do.

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  • sherryllmac By  sherryllmac    

    i love rice works i would reccommend it to everyone!

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  • briana_deja By  briana_deja    


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  • MommysWishList By  MommysWishList    

    Although made of brown rice, tasted like a fresh corn chip! What a better choice without giving up what I like. I do wish there were more in the bag!

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  • becca1g By  becca1g    

    They're awesome! But why does the healthy stuff need to be so expensive? :(

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  • kimber30 By  kimber30    

    I bought this product with a coupon. They were great! They are glutean free and made with brown rice. I have no allergies but like to make healthier choices!

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  • blackcat35 By  blackcat35    

    I love these! They are almost like Doritos, but I like these better. I really like how crunchy they are.

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  • lavendardelta By  lavendardelta    

    Yummy and healthy.

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