Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra

Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra

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June 25, 2012 Very disappointed in the TV mis-representation that the shipping cost to return would be waived if you were not satisfied. I also verified that with the order representative at the desk. Both counts were false advertisement. Upon receiving my Ahh bra, I found it to be flimsey with no support. I am a 36 C. One breast is larger then the other, therefore, heavier. The one breast hung way lower than the other breast. Zero support. Very flimsey fabric. Your breast bounce up and down with movement. What really ticks me is the $19.98 I paid in shipping to receive the bra, and than another $20 to send it back. $40 for no product. Very poor product

Not a fan I am a C cup and the aha Bra gave me no support and the white ones are so see through you cannot wear them with anything light colored and sheer....

I also ordered these Bras after watching the infomercial that made them seem too good to be true. Well guess what! I should have been tipped off when It got to the part about ordering your shirt size. But I went right ahead ignoring all the warning bells that were going off. When I finally received the product and tried it on I knew I had been had. There is no support, no shaping and it squeezed everything flat. After washing once it was even worse. It rolls and is not comfortable. Please do not buy this product. I believe there are several companies selling the same bra under different names. The Ahhh bra and the Genie are the same thing as far as I can see. Total scam. Useless product.

SCAM ALERT I placed order 8 pm Sun,was told I couldn't get free fast shipping as advertised because they had so many orders it would take 3 weeks or more.Read reviews(duh 1st things 1st)and called Mon 8 am to cancel order.After 10 min of advertising I spoke with 2 women who both said order was already in warehouse and couldn't be stopped !!!! I got angry and was recited the same telemarketer script. Called my bank it will be canceled today BUT WE MUST STOP BUYING FROM PEOPLE WHO DO THIS TO US IT'S OUR $$$ MAKING THESE SCAMMERS RICH AND GREEDY

I ordered a set of these because I have fibromyalgia and the concept sounded great. However, in ordering the size it said I should order (1X), they were a little tight. I ordered a 2x and they are the SAME SIZE!! I compared them to the 1x bra that I had never worn (thinking of stretching out). So, I was still trying to find something comfortable, Ordered the 3x and the 4x. They are ALL THE SAME SIZE!!! No matter what size you order in the plus sizes, they are all the same size. I couldn't believe it. So, if you think these are comfortable the bigger they get, they are NOT. I have tried contacting Rhonda Shear and of course, you cannot contact them, even with email. Can't return the bras because you buy 3 at a time and when you wear one, there goes the whole $70. Don't order these bras unless your a just a little thing and want something to cover your girls. Otherwise, don't bother, just don't wear a bra.

I paid a lot for these little sports bras because I like the concept. One of the bras tore from the seam almost immediately, and I called Shop TV to get it replaced. I would have to pay to ship all of the bras back in order to get a replacement. I thought you should know how easily the product tears before you spend so much for three. You can buy a better sports bra at WalMart.

I orderd these bras after watching the infomercial. I thought they would be great, but they gave my no support. It was as if I didn't have any bra on. I was very disappointed. Returned them for a refund.