Reynolds Wrap  Non-Stick Foil

Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick Foil

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Great Product I love it! You don't have to use that nasty spray! Nothing sticks.

No mess! No fuss! This has been a staple in our kitchen for years! It tears well, durable and sturdy and is easy to use. Protects and covers food well without ripping. It is more expensive than store brand but you definitely can?t beat the quality so it?s definitely worth it!

It's Ok I would give 5 stars on the Reynolds Non-stick Foil if it's the Heavy Duty version. Walmart has been out of the heavy duty version for a while now and I had to buy the regular. There is a huge difference in the two because the regular tears very easily. It's just too thin for me and I ended up having to buy the Reynolds Non-stick Grilling Foil. It's a lot bigger than the other versions, but at least it's strong and doesn't tear. I wish Walmart would restock the Heavy Duty non-stick again!

Reynolds Wrap non stick foil-Awesome product I am a first time user of the non stick reynolds wrap. I have used it several times when cooking on the grill and in the oven. Product is great for food that normally sticks when cooking. I keep some of this handy at all times in the kitchen.

Awesome Product love this The non stick on this foil is a game changer

A must for lasagna! I discovered Reynolds Non-Stick Foil many years ago and always keep a box in the kitchen. I don't use it for every task that calls for foil, but when I need my foil to not stick to the food, this is the one I use. For lasagna or fish, it is ideal. Helpful hint: the non-stick sign is very clearly indicated.

I use Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick Foil almost every time I put something in the oven. It keeps the pans cleaner and the food slides right off.

Good quality, strong, and keeps food from sticking. Definitely prefer this over regular foil options.

Quality foil, absolutely a must! Every home should have aluminum foil on hand. Reynolds wrap is a quality foil with firm thickness. It doesn't need to be heavy duty when it's Reynolds since I know it won't tear like some of the cheaper brands.

Perfect for everything You can use tin foil for pretty much everything. I love how they made it non stick too. Great to cover food with or not having to wash dishes when you don't feel like it.

always good and strong aluminum foil always good and strong aluminum foil. you can always rely on it.

I love Reynolds, strong and leaves everything clean

This item holds up and saves money. When I picked other brands I would have to use more and it wouldn't hold up. After buying Reynolds wrap I will never buy anything else.

I only buy reynolds foil. It is a classic brand and still the best.

I recently bought this foul and absolutely love it. I am saving money on the spray ;) Highly recommend this product.