Reynolds  Pan Lining Paper

Reynolds Pan Lining Paper

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Wonderful! So far, I've only used this for roasting vegetables in the oven. It doesn't burn as easily as waxed paper and doesn't make things taste of wax. Nothing sticks to it and it helps me keep my cookie sheets clean so I don't have to give them a full wash when I want some roast squash!

Reynolds parchment paper makes baking a breeze Reynolds parchment paper is a no brainer for the baker! Cutting it to fit a round baking pan is super simple by tracing the bottom of the pan and simple cutting it with scissors. The ease the cake comes out is worth the few extra minutes it takes to cut. To stop the curl issue on a baking sheet or jelly roll pan, slightly dampen the pan the paper will stay in place for you to place your cookies or jelly roll batter. I love parchment paper and have it in my pantry all the time!

My husband is more of the cook but we both love this product

I absolutely love this pan lining paper! I enjoy cooking and this makes even the messiest pans a breeze to clean. I don't know how I managed without it. The fact that it doesn't crease doesn't bother me a bit. There's no reason I can think of why it would have to, since it is very easy simply to gently press it into the corners. it is for sure better than having a sticky, messy pan to clean.

I use this a lot for baking

I love this product in main issue with it is that the crease doesn't really hold like regular aluminum foil. In addition, the length of the paper is much longer than most of my baking dishes and cookie sheets, so I feel like I am wasting a lot of the product.

Great new product! I used it for ziti and what a blessing, it did double duty for me!

Fabulous! I had to reuse some bakeware and having this product was a convenient help for me to go from recipe to recipe and not having to stop and wash in between each container!

I always use this paper now when I use my good cooking pans. Easy to cook on and clean up.

Parchment paper is a baker's best friend. It's used to line cookie sheets and cake pans to promote even browning and ensure easy release of baked goods. When I saw that Reynolds had come out with aluminum foil lined parchment I thought it was a clever idea. My complaint about using rolled parchment paper is the tendency it has to curl up - not to mention what I think is a defect flaw in the box's design that makes tearing off a piece difficult and causing it to rip in a manner that does not produce a straight edge - which in turn creates a need to take a scissor or knife to it, to fix the edge so it fits the pan. So foil lined paper seemed like it would solve all this. The box has the same design flaw as does the regular parchment (no clean, easy tear) and in my opinion, it's a waste of money to use it as a cookie pan liner. I also learned, after running out of regular aluminum foil, that it does not necessarily work well as a way to cover a dish that's come out of the oven that needs to rest.. After using it to line a casserole dish, I would use it again for that task but I'd probably reserve it to using only with my metal 9x13 pan. The glass pan has curved corners so the benefit of creasing the paper to fit wasn't a bonus in this case.