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  • Dripqueen By  Dripqueen    

    This vacuum sealer is great for all meats and veggies.. Keep them fresh longer?! Very easy to use. Great price!

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  • mebnme By  mebnme    

    A little pricey but a good convenient space saving solution for other related products.

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  • shrout319 By  shrout319    

    It worked well the first time I used it but after that it wasn't really that impressive. The batteries died really quick and it was kind of expensive. Just seems like a waste of money I would just buy a Foodsaver if you're going to use it a lot.

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  • Impurrfection By  Impurrfection    

    I liked using this when I first got it, however my only problem wasn't the vac itself. I had a problem with the bags. They held when I first used them, but if put something in the freezer and I moved things around, the little plastic square where you put the vac onto would fall off and the vacuum seal on the bag is lost. If I perhaps just used it in the fridge for like cold cuts or something, I think I wouldn't have this problem.

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  • murphnm By  murphnm    

    this product was horrible. I never got it to work. I ended up just using the bags & throwing away the handi-vac.

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  • wildwind9 By  wildwind9    

    I love have to lay it flat on the counter and position the contents away from the hole. It works like a charm. I have been using mine for about a year.

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