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  • SuziSkaann By  SuziSkaann    

    Full Lashes

    I have mixed feelings on this product. I love the results of this Revlon Volume Plus Length Magnified Mascara. It goes on thick and full and lengthens exactly as it advertises. I do want to say that its shelf life is not as long as others, the more you use the thicker and clumpier it gets so once you open, so you are committed to that as your primary mascara. I do love the brush, and will say that I have used the brush with other mascara products after this one quit on me.

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  • Hbrackett4 By  Hbrackett4    

    No go

    I didn't notice a great difference in length and volume at all. The brush also clumped really easily,making my eyelashes clumpy as well.

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  • joelina By  joelina    

    awwsome touch it gives

    this product of revlon which is volume plus magnified maskara is actually become the best option for me as i have light lashes and it gives natural look

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  • xoholliebear By  xoholliebear    

    Good for everyday casual use

    This mascara is a really great product. It applies great and separates your lashes as well as lengthening them. I wish it was buildable, but if you?re going for a less outgoing look, this will work just fine.

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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Va Va Volume

    I love this Revlon mascara! It gives my lashes extra volume! They look longer and thicker! It doesn?t clump either!

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  • rhishea By  rhishea    

    A good drugstore mascara!

    This mascara is the best one I can find for a reasonable price that makes your lashes look full, but not fake. I've tried high-end brands, and they just don't work like this one. This is a buildable, creamy mascara, that volumizes and lengthens, building on your natural lashes to make it look good for YOU. The packaging is sleek and easy to use, and the wand is perfect for what it's advertised for. I even use this on my lower lashes, and it doesn't make them look fake, stringy, or clumpy. Full disclosure here, though: this mascara is DEFINITELY NOT WATERPROOF. However, I can definitely sacrifice that for how good it makes my lashes look. The products definitely does clog up the brush though, so you have to be careful with that. Small amounts of mascara at a time will keep it from making your lashes look like spider legs!

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  • cheyeannoliver By  cheyeannoliver    

    I really like this brand but id prefer the water proof formula because the regular flakes off into yours eyes really bad.

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  • kabukik By  kabukik    


    I bought this mascara with high hopes and it has let me down, in a big way! It promises volume and length but it doesn't deliver in the length in a single way, my lashes don't appear longer at all; also I noticed that it has some kind of long fibers, probably for the lengthening, but they just got into my eyes and clogged the brush. And when it comes to the volume, it does give them definition but if I am not careful when layering you will end up with tarantula lashes, and I hate that. It did last quite a long time without smudging and it barely flaked, but I had the waterproof version. It is a dry formula, at least mine was, I didn't care, but it made application a bit more difficult and clumpy. I won't repurchase this mascara again.

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