Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer

Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer

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Premium Primer I love the Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer because it minimizes the appearance of pores! It keeps your makeup looking flawless and gives it that matte look!

Best This primer is the best ive ever used. I have bog pores & the primer reduces the size of them some. My skins is combination so the primer gives a little moisturizer but doesnt make it oily looking. I have ran out & ive got to get some more. I have used several bottles of it.

The Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer is the first face primer I've ever used. I really like that this primer gives me a smoother finish and my pores show up less. After applying the primer my skin feels so smooth and my foundation looks great all day. I always sweat around my nose and upper lip area and I noticed that with this primer I don't show any sweat at all. My makeup definitely last longer.

Reality of the Photo Ready Foundation The price is affordable, retails to be about $11-12 depending on where you get it, at target that would be the price plus tax. The coverage is considered light to medium coverage, and this formula has some sparkles in there because it is mainly for Photos, and that is the purpose of the sparkles, the product lasts about 6 hours, and then you must retouch your face again. The shade range is limited.

Illuminating Product This product creates a beautiful glow underneath your making and acts as a primer which is a plus.. Nothing better than being glowy and having my makeup stay all day!

First off I will say I like how this foundation covers my skin and how beautiful my skin looks in pictures and videos! now the things that make me dislike this foundation is that it has Glitter in it!! and I hate the way it looks on my skin after having it own for a few hours

Excellent primer at a fair price!

This is a really good drugstore face primer. It makes my skin look fresh and dewy (not greasy) and it allows my foundation to go on really smooth and stay put for hours longer than usual. Now, it may not be as wonderful as department store primers, but for the low price it is fantastic. I would definitely recommend giving this primer a chance. I use Revlon foundation so that could make a difference too, according to some of the reviews above which claim it does not mix well with their foundations.

I bought this after seeing so many good reviews on it pretty much well, everywhere. One thing I think you should note is that this primer is like a light-lavender-white-ish color. For some reason, I think that made my skin look white, not white, more like Bright. My friends and family kept telling me i looked really white, a friend even recommended for me to try a darker foundation. However without this primer, my foundation (color wise) was on point. Overall this is a great primer other than the inconvenient brightening effect is has. However, it might work best with a much darker foundation (than your skin tone).

This is hands-down the best drug store primer I have tried so far! I struggle with my skin now that I have hit my 30's. I used to have all-over dry skin, and never had issues with oily zones. Now I'm finding my skin does become oily by the end of the day. So, I need products that not only moisturize, but aren't too heavy that it shifts or changes as my skin does. I've always been self conscious about my HUGE pores on my cheeks, right on the apples. After trying out this primer, I'm done thinking about these issues anymore. The primer alone made a significant difference immediately. I usually apply my moisturizer after I wake up, then I will apply the primer and my eye cream after about 45 mins. The primer feels nice and velvety on the skin, and not "cakey" or feels light. I usually wait at least a half hour before putting on my foundation and other makeup, just to let my eye cream set and absorb. I don't know if waiting as any effect on how well the primer works, but it sure does the job for me. Depending on the day, I then will use a B.B. cream, (for those rushed or lazy days) or I will use just my Revlon Photo ready compact powder on top of the primer. This little makeup is perfect for everyday. If I have time, I will use my Photo ready foundation makeup, and top that with my Photo ready translucent powder, and I have a perfect, flawless complexion. I have very light skin with red undertones, and I've been told my skin looks porceline and perfect! I love this primer.....and I have found a little goes a long way. Sometimes, I will apply a second layer of the primer on the apples of my cheeks to help fill in my gawd-awful gaping pores, and its just amazing. I haven't once had issues with sensitivity or breakouts either. On a budget, you can't go wrong with shelling out for this....

this primer looks great alone. I donīt understand why? it just didn't mix with my foundation

I purchased this product after running out of the MAC primer I normally use. I was attempting to try a primer at a lower price point that would be of similar quality. I did not get that with this product. I'm not sure if it just didn't mix with my MAC foundation, but it left my skin looking dry and chalky. It wasn't the worst in the world but it certainly isn't a product I would buy again.