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  • klancon04 By  klancon04    

    Works well!

    This brush does wonders! Creates a smooth look while adding volume. I rated it a 4 instead of a 5 only because I have super thick hair and so it takes a bit longer and can be harder to maneuver the bulkiness of the tool.

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  • AFBeauty By  AFBeauty    

    I bought this thinking it would be a huge time saver. I recommend this product with caution. It runs very hot. I did notice breakage after using multiple days in a row. Truthfully it should be used as a finisher to style your hair. Use heat protectant and take most of the dampness away with a traditional blow dryer first.

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  • speechiemel By  speechiemel    

    Time saver for curly and frizzy hair!

    I used to go to the salon every week to get a blowout because I have very frizzy and curly hair. My tight curls make it hard to do a decent blowout at home with a standard round brush and blow dryer. During quarantine it wasn't possible to go to a hair salon so I had to try and endure the 2 + hour process of blow drying my hair. I kept hearing people talk about this brush and how great it was so I purchased one and let me tell you, it was the best money I ever spent. This blow dryer brush dries and straightens my hair in 30 minutes and leaves my hair close to frizz free. The only drawback from this item is that the brush is really big therefore it's hard to get close to the root in the front of my hair. If they made this brush in smaller sizes I would definitely get that too, I think it'll help smoothing out those super curly baby hairs easily. Get this product, you won't regret it!

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  • Catstarbaby By  Catstarbaby    

    Buy it, you won?t regret it!

    I have 3b curls and this product is awesome!!! It?s perfect for me as a mommy of two to be able to do my hair in half the amount of time! It?s a life changer!

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  • Ktibby214 By  Ktibby214    

    Not for me

    I think this product can be great for straight styles. It certainly helps with a smoother dry. But I find it still takes forever to dry my long, thick hair. I would recommend for shorter, thinner styles

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  • StephC By  StephC    

    Close to a Salon Blowout!

    This is the next best thing to a salon blowout. While I wish the temp would get slightly hotter (allowing for thicker hair to dry faster), this really works! It creates the look of a salon blowout without all the work. Use a smoothing product first before drying extra curly or coarse hair.

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