Revlon Illuminance Creme Eyeshadow Precious Metals

Revlon Illuminance Creme Eyeshadow Precious Metals

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My experience with this was it just settled into the creases.

They are nice cream eye shadow colors, but they are a bit hard to apply or try to blend with a makeup brush. I find it a bit easier to apply with finger. Other than that they are alright.

I don't like this at all! The color is horrible and its very greasy and cheap. Wouldn't recommend

I'm obsessed with these, I love the texture and the way they apply smoothly. My only problem is that they don't set as well as other eye shadows and can smudge. But they blend beautifully and have nice opacity.

Don't like the eye shadow. I am in my mid fourty's and it seems to cake into my lines. Looks horrible on me. Can't recommend.

I use this product on my eyebrows, because it doesn't work well as an eye shadow for me. Maybe it would work better with a primer, but i'm just not convinced that it is worth getting a new primer for. It creases, fades, and makes my eyelids oily. It works well for my eyebrows as it is easy to blend. I could find 100 other eyebrow products and eye shadows that might be more or less expensive that will work 90% better than this product. Either way this product doesn't do it for me, not worth buying or buying ever again.

I use this when I wear make-up. I like that it goes on creamy so it does not make a mess all over my face like powdered eye shadows. It also does not feel heavy on my eyes and lasts for the whole evening.

i have the cream colored version of this sometimes they get kinda clumpy and wear off easy but you have to put it on a certain way for there not to be creases in your eye shadow

I love crème eye shadow. I have blue eyes, so browns, and silvers look good on me. I think this personally one of the best palettes. It's less childish, and it's not too harsh. I love this products, and many more of Revlon's products. Especially their lip butters.

Honestly, I do not know what is the purposed of this product. Its very greasy on my lids, pigmentation is horrible. It smeared right away!

Pretty to look at but useless as an eye shadow. The greasy feel is unpleasant and it creases even with primer so you end up with these chunky lines on your eyelid.

Horrible product ive tried it as a base ive tried it every way and it creases, fades, came off right away waste of money

Not a fan of these "creamy" eye shadows. They don't apply well at all and don't actually stay on. They smear and get into the crease of your eyelid making for a not so luminescent appearance.

It looks great at first , but as the day wears on a lot of creases appear. putting lotion on eye lid before applying helped the crease problem a little.

my skin is very sensitive and brown. when i bought this from wal-mart i loved it. it didn't fall off or blow off in the wind like some others did. it actually made a difference on my eye lids.