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  • tsmith4 By  tsmith4    

    Revlon Colorstay

    I may try other long wearing foundations but I always go back to my trusty Revlon Colorstay foundation. This foundation really stays put better than other long lasting foundations.

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  • Neshia81 By  Neshia81    

    It was my go to product until recent changes

    I love this product until they recently updated the colors and some other things. So of the colors have gotten darker and the undertones in them are not correct either. I find myself going between two different colors, and it also does not last the 24 hours. I have oily skin, and it also seems to have an unusual smell, and I don't know if this is the cause of my recent outbreaks. Not happy and switching now!!

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  • iwishiwasaswan By  iwishiwasaswan    

    Love this foundation!

    I?ve tried other foundations and I always come back to this one- even over ?higher quality? products from Sephora. It stays all day, and works well with my combination ( But usually more oily than dry ) skin. It even lasts when you?re playing around in the pool!

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  • NickelPickle77 By  NickelPickle77    

    This is my favorite foundation. I tend to try new foundations from time to time (when I think I may find something even better or after reading rave reviews about a new product) but nothing compares to this Revlon Colorstay foundation. I just keep coming back to it. The coverage is medium. I suffered from acne for most of my teenage and adult life and while my skin is pretty clear of acne, I have scarring on my cheeks and also have hyperpigmentation and redness in areas. My skin tone is, overall, uneven. My skin is very oily and this stuff does a fantastic job of covering my blemishes, my scarring, uneven skin tone, and while it doesn't stop my oil, it wears well on oily skin, unlike MOST foundations I try. And it doesn't oxidize with time. Natural Buff is almost a perfect match for my skin when it's not tanned. I simply cannot live without this foundation.

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  • jessicalynnstrom By  jessicalynnstrom    

    Stays put for oil and heat!

    I have extremely oily skin (like seriously if they could bottle it it would power a car) so finding a foundation that doesn't immediately slide off my skin is difficult. I have used this product for YEARS and it is the only foundation I have found that actually lasts on my skin. On top of standing up to the oil it hold up in the South Texas humidity!

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  • alladora By  alladora    

    awesome drugstore foundation

    This is my go to drugstore foundation. It matches my skin tone perfectly, the coverage is build able, blends nicely, and gives me a matte finish. It does get a bit shiny after awhile but that's expected. I highly recommend this product.

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  • Lorena49 By  Lorena49    

    Love it

    I really love this product love that it doesnt leave. My face to greasy or doesnt stain my clothes

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  • pianoprincess1989 By  pianoprincess1989    

    One of my favorites

    After finding this foundation I haven't searched any more. I won't say it's perfect because sometimes I still feel like my acne isn't fully covered. But it works great for a drugstore foundation. And, really what more should I be asking of something that retails $14-$15.

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  • Yessie365 By  Yessie365    

    Prior to using Revlon Colorstay I swore by a foundation from Lancome. I wanted to save some money so after hearing good things about it, I switched to this product. I am very happy with my decision. This foundation has buildable coverage, which for me means that i can use the same product for relaxed days of going to the beach and when I want my skin to look flawless for nights out with friends. I was shocked at how well it held up throughout the day, it did wear off a little but after a 10 hour day in classes I was happy to get home and see that my blemishes were still covered up. I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because although I love it for the price range and coverage, I still think the foundation I had before was a little thicker and lasted a little longer.

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  • AlexyTheGreat By  AlexyTheGreat    

    This is my casual everyday cover for my really bad oily skin. It gives a matte finish each time and much better brand than other promising foundations for oily skin. It's not as light as top more expensive brand but great for it's price. Much appreciated!

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  • arlette2525 By  arlette2525    

    I love this product! Fave drugstore foundation. Great coverage and long lasting!

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  • AsianChaos By  AsianChaos    

    The coverage of this foundation is fantastic and it definitely stays! The only down-side was my skin would break out after each use (but I have sensitive skin).

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  • dearsydneyy By  dearsydneyy    

    I love this foundation and it also mixes well with other foundations if you need to darken or lighten other foundations. I would compare this to a mac foundation.

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  • BeckyRocks By  BeckyRocks    

    I recently picked this foundation up and absolutely love it!! Super easy to apply and coverage is buildable when your skin needs a little help.

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  • Sseul701 By  Sseul701    

    It is good foundation for coverage and oily skin. I have combination skin with oily Tzone and dry Uzone. It is really matte after applying. To me, it is cakey a little. So, I would recommend this to only oily skin type people.

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