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  • drasticdesigner By  drasticdesigner    

    Good coverage but the color selection needs a lot of work. I have olive skin and it tends to look ashy on me.

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  • KelseyLucille By  KelseyLucille    

    This is pretty good

    Not great. Not awful either. It's got a yellow undertone with is nice in a concealer, but it doesn't give much coverage so I still have to apply a lot more over it. It's pretty lightweight, and lasts all day. I would recommend it, but it's not enough coverage for me personally.

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  • dearsydneyy By  dearsydneyy    

    I just recently ran out of this concealer and I have to say I really do like this product. I use this for multiple purposes including under eye and lately I've been using the rest of the little product I have to conceal imperfections after I finish my eyebrows and to create a flawless eyebrow. I also cover any blemishes I may have and it serves that purpose well.

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  • nightowl85 By  nightowl85    

    This is the only concealer I use. It covers well, lasts a long time, and looks natural on my skin.

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  • karikerosene By  karikerosene    

    I love this concealer, works like a charm for me. I haven't tried many concealers but don't feel like I need to. This covers up spots and blemishes great. I'll be really like it under the eyes too.

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  • cute_noura By  cute_noura    

    This product truly stays on really well. But doesnt cover blemishes too well. & It doesnt really help blemishes as it claims. But its good for undereye. Hard to blend also.

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  • FitnessGal By  FitnessGal    

    This concealer is the perfect compliment to Revlon's Colorstay Foundation line. It glides on smoothly, camouflages dark circles, and DOESN'T BUDGE! Way to go Revlon!

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  • jeezekaitlynn By  jeezekaitlynn    

    I love this product! For all of those redness spots on your face, and even dark circles under your eyes. It blends really well. Covers perfectly.

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