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I used to like but lately they have been continuing to list restaurants that have asked to be removed so when you go to that restaurant, you are unable to use your coupon... that's another thing, I wish they would call them coupons because that is what they are not certificates. Anyway, if you are unable to use it, you can exchange it but the thing is, in most places, there aren't many good options so if that restaurant is not taking them anymore, you might be out the money (or you might have to take one for a crappy place and spend more money to use it there). Overall, you might get a good deal (I have in the past) but you also might end up walking into a restaurant only to find that they no longer accept them and having to walk out hungry (or pay full price).

Great for purchasing when going out of town, or having a nice dinner in town. If you subscribe to the e-mail, they often have 80% off sales, so a $25 gift certificiate can cost as little as $2! Make sure you note the details when using the gift certificate, an 18% gratuity is added, and don't show them the coupon until the bill arrives (otherwise you get bad service) But definitely worth a look! Make sure your computer is hooked up to a printer though as you have to print off the gift certificate