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  • Chevygal1981 By  Chevygal1981    

    Bodypart repo

    if you can pay for your new body parts these men will kill to get what needs to be returned but there are people out there going to take them down but will they???

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  • hanner_da_nanner By  hanner_da_nanner    

    I really liked this movie. It was a lil odd, the whole idea of repossessing peoples organs in the future; but i still really liked this movie. There is alot of action, alot of suspense. and I really liked how the thing got turned around on the main character, like, its different when its someone else; but when its you its extreme u know. The only thing I didn't like about the whole thing was the end. I'm not going to give it away I'm just saying: its a bummer. Oh and I also didn't like how this reminded me of Repo the Genetic Opera; but just the storyline about taking peoples organs back if they cant pay. But yes all in all this was good. Plus I love Jude Law so. :)

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