Remembering to Check Your Breasts Has Never Been So Fun

SS Member Image By drodriguez 06.14.12
Remembering to Check Your Breasts Has Never Been So Fun

For those of us who have trouble remembering to regularly perform the ever-important self breast cancer check, there’s a new app that may help you remember while giving you something nice to look at. The new app called “Your Man Reminder” allows users to receive reminders from “the hot guy of their choice” when its time to check your breast for signs of breast cancer.

ABC News reports about the titillating app that has women talking. Vice president of strategic marketing and communication for the charity Rethink Breast Cancer, Alison Gordon, explains why she thinks this new app will be a great fun tool for the younger generation of women. Gordon says, “We wanted a way for young women to be reminded to be familiar with their breasts in a fun, cute way that would not spark fear and go viral. It really centers on early detection. We want to make sure young women know what their breasts look and feel like regularly and check with their doctors if they find anything unusual.”

Users of the app can choose whether they want weekly, monthly or “surprise me” reminders from “their hot guy” who will fully explain in great detail how you should go about performing your self breast check.

Are you good about performing regular self breast checks for early signs of cancer?

What do you think about the “Your Man Reminder” app that allows women to receive reminders on their phone to perform a self breast check?


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  • sharman421 By sharman421

    Now that's what I call an app!

  • rskmom By rskmom

    I think this is a great idea!

  • suslewiscj9 By suslewiscj9

    Sounds like a good idea to me! I need to put it back on my schedule!

  • sallylsv By sallylsv

    As a cancer survivor :), I think this is a great idea. I found the first lump, doctor found the second, and mamo found the third. Whenever you are showering, just feel around for anything suspicious. It really IS all about early detection.

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    Too funny! Glad the words getting out there though, many things are found before the drs visit.

  • elicabeta By elicabeta

    Looks hot! But I wonder if it'll really be effective in the long-term. It might become a bit boring after awhile. The only reason I don't do self breast exam routinely is because I get lazy, so I don't know if having a hot guy remind me to do so would really motivate me to actually do so. The most important thing is just to try to make it a routine.

  • charmini By charmini

    Love it!!!!

  • socialzigi By socialzigi

    this is hysterical and actually a great idea!

  • shortj1016 By shortj1016

    I wouldn't mind having a hot guy remind me to check my breasts.

  • andrea909 By andrea909

    That's awesome.

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