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  • radar525 By  radar525    

    It's a good little booklet versus what could be a great magazine. It's booklet because of all the ads and mail cards in it. Once you remove all the mail cards, you have taken about 3/4 of the content out. Since it is free, I understand that this is one way for them to create revenue, but I would rather pay for a subscription to get more readable content.

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  • hharkle By  hharkle    

    The actual content is informative but, having to flip through so many ads to find the content is very aggrevating. I recieve this magazine but I don't rush to read it fearing the aggrevation.

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  • ballerine_avec_ardeur By  ballerine_avec_ardeur    

    I am very young and I tend to sit down with a fashion magazine. Beyond that it can take alot to get me to pick up a magazine. When I received this in the mail I overlooked it. My mom scooped it up and read it right away and really enjoyed it. After she finished she opened to an article on Heidi Klum. Wow, there was an article that caught my attention. In that article it talked about how she doesn't starve herself she doesn't force herself to stay thin, she wants to be healthy and enjoy food. She also looks at herself as average, she does not have a very unique look, yet she pursued what she loved. She balanced life as a mom and keeps it real. So after this article I knew I generally liked the magazine What I appreciate about this magazine is it was not idealistic, it is real and useful. I would recomend this for an older age, 35 and up.

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